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GOMO Portal is Introduced to Help you Mobilize


“GoMo” refer to the term the conversion of website to the mobile phone compatible version. In recent past the importance of need of website which is also compatible with the mobile phone was felt not necessary. However with the ever increasing competition in the online marketing the webmaster and the businessmen start thinking it useful to change their website which shows details about their website contents and products on the mobile phone. As a leading company providing the facilities to the user Google also take initiatives for the conversion of the websites. For the purpose Google launched the “GoMo” campaign. In this campaign Google help the website owners to check their website whether their website meet the requirements to give batter view to the prospective customer. Every business person wants to attract the customer before his competitor. Therefore Google feels it important to make the arrangement for the conversion of the website compatible with the mobile phone screen. For this purpose Google launched the GoMo meter.

GOMO Portal is Introduced to Help you Mobilize

Use of GoMo meter

This is a very helpful tool for the webmaster and the owner of the website to check their website whether the website looks good on the mobile devices or not. After checking the website it generates the detailed report about the compatibility of the website and the areas where the improvement and optimization is needed. GoMo meter works on the following factors taking into consideration:

Loading Speed should be under 5 seconds.

This tool checks the loading speed of website. In the case website loads within 5 seconds than it feels it is ok. Otherwise it suggests reduction of the burden on the website to make the response time shorter.

Site images Appear Properly

This tool checks the appearance of images used in the website. It decides suitable size of image used in website. It takes into consideration the best view of the every image in the website must be checked so that website present good view of the product to the customer for assessment.

Site Text is Visible without Pinching or Zooming

After checking the size of images used in the websites. It checks the visibility of the text written in the website. The text must be readable without zooming. After images text is very important part of the website to provide information about the goals of the website owner.

Navigation links and buttons are thumb-friendly

Finally this tool checks the links and button which should be in thumb view to provide facility to the user to navigate to the different pages of website and collect the required information.

On going through the above factors of the website GoMo meter provide the detailed report for the optimization of the website. After getting the suggestion from the GoMo meter website owner must consult their website designer for the making changes to meet the need of the day. For getting the edge every prospective business person must think about the conversion of their website.

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