Go From Squeak To Boom In Seconds: Or, How To Use A Megaphone


You can wear it on your head but that will make you look like a dropout.

You can sit on it but that will look awkward and leave marks on you-know-where.

You can think of it as a large ice cream cone, but it’s not that.

So, let’s get rid of all this confusion and get down to the basics – here’s a primer that teaches you how to make your voice go from squeak to boom, or, how to use a megaphone:

1. Well, you first got to hold the megaphone in your brawny hands. Now, check if the handle folds – if it does, adjust it for a comfortable hold. Ensure that the megaphone’s smaller cone is positioned a few inches away from your mouth. Needless to add, the large cone will be positioned away from your mouth.

2. Wrap the megaphone’s arm strap around your shoulder.

3. Wait! Have you loaded igo fn the batteries yet? If not, do so immediately or you won’t be heard.

4. Now point the megaphone’s or bullhorn’s large cone towards the area where you want to be heard.

5. Check the volume control trigger and set it to the required amplification level. Many electric megaphones come equipped with super volume modes such as “football anthem mode” or “amplified voice mode.” Take your pick depending upon the situation you want to address.

6. Now speak or scream into the small cone and, hey presto, your voice will reach places where no man has gone before!

Okay, you now know what to do. Here’s what not to do!

1. If you keep shouting into the megaphone you’d be doing your vocal chords a lot of evil. Use an advanced bullhorn that is equipped with super voice amplification controls if you feel that you would have to shout often into the megaphone.

2. Never ever point the large cone of your beloved bullhorn directly at the ears of people who are standing right next to you. You will not only burst their ear drums, you may well convert a couple of normal folks into walking-talking vegetables.

3. Respect peoples’ and the community’s privacy. For example, using a bullhorn in a peaceful gathering may land you into a bowl of legal soup. So, be aware of the law and use your megaphone judiciously.

There. That was all about how you use a megaphone and the things you must avoid doing when you are speaking into one. Hope this feature helped.

Timothy I. Harn is a tech-enthusiest with a passion for gadgetry and blogging. A recent interest in Megaphones has lead him to this online source:

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