The Computerised Maintenance Management System


Finding the right CMMS solution for your business can make the difference between running a tight operation or wasting time and money. A well put together CMMS will enable your facility manager, other employees and customers to track and control all the maintenance work of their assets as well as keeping on top of the associated costs.

The Computerised Maintenance Management System

A CMMS can be used to manage everything from a very complex to a fairly straightforward environment, and can be applied to a single building through to an entire campus of locations. As well as buildings, CMMS can be used to manage groups of equipment such as manufacturing plant or even a fleet of vehicles, and in terms of operational efficiency, a good CMMS is the perfect solution to improved efficiency and cost reduction.

At SWG, they have developed a top of the range CMMS solution for their clients to use. Their QFM CMM Maintenance Software is a meticulously accurate and fully managed solution to all maintenance and management of assets, equipment and plant. SWG set out with a goal of creating equipment that can optimise their efficiency and the reliability of consumer equipment and assets, so that the amount of time equipment is in active service is increased, and maintenance costs are reduced.

Some of the features of our software include:

  • Management of maintenance, testing and inspections, making it easier for you to stick to routine servicing regimes and improve the reliability of your equipment.
  • Health and safety management, ensuring you are compliant with HSE recommendation and keeping your workforce as safe as possible.
  • Help desk system incorporation, so you can improve the reporting and actioning of any issues your staff encounter.
  • Unique and flexible maintenance regimes, so no matter how out of the ordinary your equipment is, you can incorporate it into your CMMS system.
  • QFM Mobile for optimum integration with field service engineers.

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