How Important Is High Speed Internet?


High speed Internet is critical to anyone who wishes to take advantage of the huge marketing potential that the World Wide Web has to offer. What’s more, there are many ways you can advertise about your work or profession for free. But for you to invest in an online marketing strategy effectively, you will need the capabilities that only the fastest Internet connection can provide.

Real-time communication

Many online marketing tasks you can take on require real-time communication between you and your target market as well as other relevant parties. Imagine how difficult communicating online would be if you did not have a fast Internet connection.

  • Customer and technical support – There are two ways to provide this type of service to your customers. You can either use chat-based software to respond to customer inquiries and concerns or you can use VoIP to take in calls. Either way, you and the other party are unlikely to enjoy a productive and efficient talk if there’s a noticeable delay before your words reach the other party – and vice versa.
  • Webinars – This particular strategy doesn’t just help you market your business. It can also be a critical source of income if you have established yourself as an authority on certain subjects. Unfortunately, participants of your webinars won’t be too happy when they have to waste minutes just waiting for your Internet speed to catch up with theirs. Even if you have the best lessons prepared, it won’t make a difference if you can’t teach or deliver the lessons effectively in the first place.

Video and music streaming

High speed Internetis also critical if your business requires video and music streaming.

  • Video tutorials – You should never waste any opportunity to learn new things and especially if those opportunities are yours for free. Without a doubt, there are many video tutorials you can take advantage of on the Internet. Many of them may be viewed for free on video-hosting websites like YouTube. Unfortunately, you would not be able to watch them continuously or without any irritating distractions if your Internet speed is slow.
  • Music downloads –Again, this may not seem important to your work or business at first but it actually is. Music can play an important element in your marketing strategy. It can serve as background music for your infomercials and webinars among other things. You can also use it in your website. If you have a virtual phone system, it can also serve as your on-hold music whenever you have callers waiting.


Admittedly, downloads depend largely on the bandwidth capabilities of the file host, but it also depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Half of the battle is won at least when you have high Internet speedto expedite the time required for downloading files.

The Internet is home to a massive selection of files which you may find incredibly helpful to download. Software programs, audio books, music and videos, e-books and modules – any of these may contain valuable information or services that can make your business more visible online.

Hopefully, you understand by now how important the speed of your Internet connection is. Take matters in your hands today and find out what your options are for improving the speed of your Internet connection.

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Krystine Joy Sitjar simply loves writing blogs. She is fond of tech topics and is a certified Cell Phone Expert. She also believes that the children are the future of this world.

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