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Video Recording is on an upbeat, thanks to the evolving media! Each and every individual wants that they should capture moments in form of a movie. However, shooting cannot be flawless every time, so a easy to use editor is near indispensable. There is a plethora of video editors out there,but one needs to choose the most effective one!

Givit is one such social video editing application which has not been used extensively. It focuses on providing a private platform where people can share their special clicked moments with their friend circle via mails, YouTube, Facebook et-al. It is light weight and very easy to use!

Private sharing of video has created a new market trend which is gaining momentum all over. For instance, sharing the video on the YouTube which is a public network can be changed to private after you have shared the video. Givit also lets you change the credentials of the video to private starting from the scratch!


Thanks to its video editing prowess, you will not have to work on your video from scratch in case you need to make some changes; you can just edit wherever needed and make necessary changes. Experts find striking similarities with the Window Movie Maker; with an additional feature of getting condensed into the small screen of the Smartphones. Givit’s editing feature allows the user to edit a video which has been uploaded in the cloud frame to frame via an editing page known as “Highlight”.  You will be able to arrange the videos according to your wish or combine different videos together as well. You can also try merging different videos for forming a new clip of arranged videos.

Similar to other hosting services of videos, Givit also believes that people are commonly interested in watching only a few moments of the video rather than going through the whole video of full length.  With Givit, users will just have to select the best portions of the video “highlights”, by just focusing on the compelling moments or actions.

When you are fully satisfied with the pattern of frames which you have added, you can use the effects tab which provides you with 10 different forms (e.g. “Fade to black”) which you will be able to manually handle in between various frames. It also provides you with perfect motion movements like focusing on the slow-motion, instant replay or speeding up motion etc. The application offers you more patterns or features could be added after getting the reviews from the people. Final take is to enhance the feature of adding the music, where Givit will be providing the user with numerous categories of the music which could be either marked as “love”, “dramatic” etc.

One additional perk which you bag when you sign up with Givit is that, users will be able to use the feature of cloud platform which currently hosts somewhere around 5GB of free space(minimum 2GB) of private storage video and sharing. The application is currently available on iOS platform and will be released soon on Android devices as well.

Givit,provides an on-screen tutorial which make the application a breeze for using; users can be guided by the editing process which is affluent and non-complex, this results into reproducing polished and semi-professional quality videos which are full of joy to share with your family, friends and circle. You can get the app for your phone here.

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