Galaxy Note: Phone or Tablet That Fits in Your Pocket?


Technology. There is so much of it. In reality, how likely is it to count the new number of gadgets that have hit the electronic shelves? Dozens. Maybe hundreds over the past few years. Some gadgets don’t make it to the masses and grow in popularity as quickly or even at all as compared to others. It’s obvious that companies such as Apple stay popular by name and reputation mixed in with gadgets that many users enjoy. Other makers may come out with hit and misses, but some companies are consistent with their new devices.

Phone or Tablet That Fits in Your Pocket

There has been a lot of hype and buzz surrounding the all-new Galaxy model. With the screen stretched to almost the full width of the phone, the thinness of the phone offers a powerful performance that will captivate the user with its abilities.


The Galaxy Note has one of the largest smartphone screens available with a 5.3” display and a thin body 9.65mm in thickness. The screen is also the world’s first HD Super AMOLED display available. This type of screen offers a higher precision in color in 1280 x 800.

Use the full screen ability for “fast and effective tasking.” The Note minimizes scrolling and transitions with the size of the screen and offers the S Planner as one of the tools to uncomplicate your scheduling process.


With 8MP advanced camera, the Note offers highly-detailed photographs and video every time. The Notes comes stocked with 16 professional photography functions:

  • shooting mode
  • anti-shake
  • scene mode
  • exposure value
  • focus mode
  • outdoor visibility
  • blink detection
  • timer
  • resolution
  • while balance
  • metering
  • auto contract
  • image quality
  • guidelines
  • GPS tag
  • storage

Battery and Processor
The 2500mAh battery offers Note users a strong battery to keep the phone running from day until night without needing to charge it. This battery along with the 1.4GHz dual core processor that speeds networks for HSPA + up to 21Mbps or 4G LTE brings an all-new meaning to the words fast and efficient.

The Pen

The S Pen is one of the newest and most precise available inputs on the market. With multiple applications already integrated with the S Pen, users are able to interact better with their phone. The pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and much more have all been calibrated to combine the highest level of efficiency with the advanced multi-input options for a user to navigate easily.

One of the applications includes S Memo with available handwriting, voice/music recording, text digitization of handwriting, image cropping and much more.


There are already plenty of accessories available for this smartphone/tablet. Normally with protection of the phone being as important as the phone itself, accessories are released at the same if not before. With the Note being the size that it is, having a screen bigger than the average smartphone, protection is definitely recommended from spills or falls. Whether drivers have a new 2012 model or have chosen from Michigan used cars, car chargers, car mounts, cases, screen protectors, anything a user may be looking for is available in retail stores, although cheaper online by far.

Final Analysis

The Galaxy Note is the perfect combination between a tablet and a smartphone. With the giant size of the screen and the other technology conveniences built in such as the S Pen, this gadget is more than a phone and worth trying out for yourself.

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