Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition headphones


Meet the Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition – professional headphones that artists like U2 and Keith Urban pick when they want to enjoy their music.  Future Sonics has an interesting mantra — “Bigger sound, lower volume” — that I was really excited to put to the test.

Inside the Atrio Special Edition headphones are Future Sonics MG7 transducers – and while that on its own doesn’t mean much, all you need to know is that these headphones do things to music I did not think were possible. Future Sonics calls it “True Timbre”, I call it awesomeness.  For fans of numbers, the headphones reproduce 18Hz – 20,000Hz Response, Sensitivity level of 112dB @ 30Hz with /- 26 dB Ambient Noise Rejection.

Added green bonus: the Atrios Special Edition headphones come in an environmentally friendly box – and the included case is made of reclaimed rubber, made from old inner tube truck tires!

Inside the box, you’ll find two different sets of earpieces – silicone flanged and expanding foam. The silicone earpieces are pretty standard, and come in three different sizes. The foam ones are what you use when you really want to kill the noise around you. To insert, you roll them flat, then pop them in your ears to let the foam expand. The results are amazing – noise is canceled to the point where you can hear yourself blink. Even standing 4 feet away from a running dishwasher blocked out almost all of its noise.

The price tag for these babies is $229, which includes the carrying pouch, earpieces, and cleaning tools. They do not come with a mic or remote.  These are truly for the small niche of people that really care about a professional, big sound with all its subtleties – and also for those who want to avoid hearing loss, which will happen when if you habitually listen to music at max volume with any cheap earbuds.

You’ll find the new Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition headphones at or at Airport Wireless stores around the country.

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