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As a small business owner, you are always looking for tools that can help you operate more efficiently. While there are thousands and thousands of tools that you can spend thousands on, there are also very powerful online tools that can be used by all business owners for free. If you are looking for a way to be more productive as a business owner, it is time to learn which free tools are going to provide you with the most value. If you are not taking advantage of the following tools, it is about time that you do.

Google Docs

If you want to access your business documents and proposals from anywhere in the world, Google Docs is an application that you should be using. Not only can you store business documents on this platform, you can also share the documents with other team members who do not have access to office computers. Google Docs is a collaborative application that can be used by small businesses for free.


If you have a lot of ideas running through your mind to expand your reach, Widea is a great brainstorming tools that you can use so that the ideas do not get buried behind your other thoughts. Not only can you create idea entries, you can also share these ideas with your partner and other members of your team.


If you need tools that will keep you organised and motivated, Toodledo is a online to do list that will keep you more productive. By creating folders, you can organise tasks, create due dates, set goals, and improve office productivity all while you are on-the-go.


You do not have to invest in an expensive fax machine just to fax your clients and your internal customers documents. Now, with faxZero, you can attach documents from your computer and fax them to the receiver. By doing this, you save money on equipment and you save money on paper.


When you send important files to your customers, you want to know that they have received and reviewed these files. While most email systems do have security features, not all of these systems will tell you when a message has been delivered or opened. With yousendit, you can send password-protected files and track the delivery.


You might know just how powerful a blog can be when you are promoting your business. If you are using blogs as powerful marketing tools, Blogger is a great tool that will help you create and customize your blogs. The drag-and-drop editor is very easy to use even for the newbie.


If you want to connect with professionals in your industry, LinkedIn is a great way to recruit new employees who can become powerful assets in expanding your company. You can also build relationships with businesses in other industries for referrals.

There is a host of different online tools that you can use to your advantage. It is your job to research the tools, use these tools, and work towards expanding your business and your market share.

Wayne is a casual writer specialising in business advices. Wayne works in an accounting practice and has earned himself lots of respect among chartered accountants in Sydney providing smart tax-saving advices to his clients.

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