Five Best Car Apps for Android


Android being the most widely used platform for almost all the smartphones have numerous car related applications. These applications offer enjoyable and useful features which can either entertain you by racing with other cars or by offering you facilities benefiting your driving experience in real life. Below are described the best five car related apps designed for android.



This is s third party application essential for all those people who are always willing to use their mobiles while driving. This app allows you to do so while making your driving safe. All you have to do is to talk to your mobile for making it executing your commands. You can text someone, send email, active navigation system, make calls and much more. As a response, it does not only carry on your commands but also read out your messages and emails for you. So now you do not need to give up your habit of using mobile while driving as it is totally safe now. You can enjoy it for free of cost!


This third party app is great one for avoiding any traffic jams or delays in your journey. Actually it is a community app which collects data about traffic from other android devices and using that data it guides you to your destination through the best route. Furthermore, you can share your trip experiences through WAZE. So get this app for free and enjoy a happy long drive!


No matter how much careful you are as a driver but there are always some chances of unexpected road accident. For handling that terrible situation iWrecked is developed. The main role of this app is to generate an accident report at the spot. However, you must shot the accident scene in any way using your mobile’s camera for making iWrecked able of doing its job. It records all the details including location, insurance details of the cars damaged; time etc. and this report can be useful while figuring out the matter. For a quick solution, it guides you to nearest taxi so you may get to your desired location at that time. Despite being such an important application, it is available for free!

This application is similar to CarZen app designed for iPad. It helps you in choosing the car best for you by allowing you read the reviews and see images of almost all the cars. Furthermore, it tells you your dream car’s availability in your nearest market offering the best price. Like the previous three, this one is also a free application.

Gas Buddy

As its name reflects, this application helps you with the fuel of your car. Although it cannot decrease your car’s mileage but it helps you to get the fuel in the best price. Naturally, this one is also free.

This article describes the best five android Car applications which can improve your driving experience by offering several useful features for free.

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