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Features of Managed Cloud Hosting


Before we look into features of managed cloud hosting it is pertinent to first grasp exactly what the term “Managed Cloud Hosting” denotes. More info on cloud hosting can be found here: http://webhostingreview.info/cloud-hosting/. The general prevalent concept about managed cloud hosting is that it’s something similar to traditional webhosting services, however, it’s not true. Put in layman’s term, managed cloud liberates an enterprise from comprehending complexities of setting up and running their infrastructure on cloud computing. There is no need to worry about hardware and software as everything is configured and continuously managed by cloud hosting service provider.

Features of Managed Cloud Hosting

Salient Features

  1. The most obvious feature is obliteration of dependency on hardware, software and its management. All the requisite data is hosted and managed on remote servers located around the globe at secure data centers. The setup, configuration and management are taken care of. No need to have an IT staff on the payroll or hefty bills for maintenance of the infrastructure. It can be safely assumed that managed cloud is one of the most cost effective forms of cloud computing.
  2. Paramount security measures are usually the staple features of managed cloud hosting solutions. Stringent measures are undertaken to safeguard the data against unauthorized access, hacking attempts and physical intrusion. Managed cloud hosting also provides the facility to encrypt the data using public and private keys, enhancing security and regulating data access according to predefined standards. The data hosted on managed cloud is ten folds more secure as compared to having it on premises.
  3. Managed cloud hosting promulgates scalability and green environment. The data is shared and managed in cloud environment making it easily accessible; this provides a lot of room for corporate strategizing which is imperative for the growth of any business. The data is routinely backed up and there’s a meticulous contingency recovery backup plan in place just in case of some unforeseen emergency.
  4. Alert and performance appraisal systems are also noteworthy aspects of a managed cloud. These provide the cloud management team continuous updates about the performance of cloud environment and inform them if a problem arises. Some alert systems are so proficient that they can predict performance bottlenecks and take preemptive measures before the actual problem surfaces.
  5. Managed cloud hosting provides fail-over protection owing to its architecture. It has high redundancy built into the architecture because of numerous SAN network and storage security.

Last but not least, managed cloud hosting is touted as the most ideal flavor to adapt for beginners. It liberates the adapting enterprises from worrying about intricacies and details of the cloud architecture. Enterprises utilizing managed cloud hosting are relieved of mundane worries and hence concentrate on broadening the horizons of their business modules. However, some extensive and meticulous searching and drawing comparisons are required when you set out to select a managed cloud hosting provider for your business. It goes without saying that key factors to look for (and deciding factors to hiring your cloud vendor) would be reliability, reputation and accumulated experience of the provider.

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