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In the luxury hotel business, patrons have come to expect a high standard of technological amenity. These days free wifi and flat screens just don’t cut it any more. Even budget hotels can offer that much. So to find out just what gadgets the world’s top hotels are using to set themselves apart from the competition, here is a look at the essential hotel technologies of 2012.

iPad 2

credit: gflich

There are few things better than waking up in a strange room, rolling over in bed, and seeing an iPad 2 on the nightstand. At the Eccleston Square Hotel in London, instead of telephoning the front desk, you can now order room service, book a massage, or even play AngryBirds without ever getting out of bed.

Electrochromatic Glass Doors

credit: Saint-Gobain Glass India

This technology has been popping up in more and more hotels lately, and it is a simple touch that, in my opinion, is quite exciting and futuristic. Typically used on shower or bathroom doors, the glass is wired with an electrical current that makes it turn from clear to opaque when closed.

Heated Floors

credit: [Bellie]

Ah, the little joys in life! A heated tile floor on a cold morning or after a long frigid day is a rare luxury in this world, and the high-tech hotels that are using them nowadays make a strong impression.


credit: LGEPR

High-def, you say? Ha! A thing of the past. For the truly tech savvy hotel, it has to be 3D. Once you slip those Panasonic Active 3D glasses on, you wont ever want to go home.

Retinal and RFID Keyless Entry

credit: alistairas

Forget about magnetic key cards that never work on the first try. The latest high-end hotels are beginning to use retinal scanners and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology so that you either don’t need a key at all, or never need to take it out of your pocket.


credit: MokshaDolphin

Many Rosewood Hotels and Resorts have begun to offer digital camcorders for guest use. Patrons are free to use them as much as they like, and the hotel transfers their footage to a disc at the end of their stay.

Remote Control Everything

credit: angela n.

Many of the most high-tech hotels today have a touch-screen master remote that allows guests to control room temperature, open and close the blinds, dim the lights, and, of course, operate the TV.

Mirror TV’s

credit: graham99

With a television built seamlessly into the bathroom mirror, you will never again have to worry about getting bored while shaving or missing that hundredth rerun of your favorite CSI episode while showering. These snazzy gizmos have been popping up in more and more hotels in recent years.

No matter where you go or where you decide to stay, it is always an inconvenience to be away from the comforts of home. So the little touches that surprise and delight are the ones that can turn a so-so hotel visit into an amazing one and make you forget all about the imposition. These gadgets are sure to fascinate, increase comfort, and keep customers coming back again and again.

Article contributed by the tech team at Swissotel Tallinn; a luxury hotel located in Estonia’s business district and fitted with cutting edge technology.

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