Ensure Total Threat Protection With an Integrated Endpoint Security Solution


Endpoint security is not an option in today’s threat-rich online environment. There are more ways than ever for employees to conduct business, which means there are also more ways than ever for criminals, spammers and hackers to disrupt those activities. The only way a company can ensure total threat protection is to monitor and protect each access point or endpoint. Endpoints are often the most readily overlooked vulnerabilities and thus, the most readily compromised. In addition to protecting each endpoint, the security system you install must also provide integrated threat protection.


Endpoints Defined

Endpoints is one of a number of terms coined to describe how virtual communications are conducted. An endpoint can be a desktop or laptop computer, a smart device such as a phone or tablet, a bar code scanner, a USB device, a point-of-sale terminal or another type of peripheral or accessory. For the purposes of threat detection and security, each endpoint represents a potential vulnerability. Taking the time to find out more on endpoint protection begins with identifying each endpoint used in your system and the potential threats each can face.

Types of Endpoint Security

There are different types of endpoint security, and not all work in an integrated fashion. The simplest forms include firewalls and antivirus software, but newer versions also include intrusion detection and prevention and continuous security monitoring. Endpoint security is necessary when the mobile devices are used to access a larger communications and data storage network. Your company’s endpoint security needs will depend on the type and extent of your network as well as the availability of in-house IT staff to monitor and address threats.

Cost Savings From Integrated Endpoint Security

Reducing costs is the number one motivation to upgrade or revise data security measures. These are some of the cost savings that can be realized through integrated endpoint security:

  • Reduced downtime. This relates to both employees and equipment. Intrusions can cause costly downtime and compromise expensive equipment. Proper endpoint protection prevents an isolated incident from becoming a systemwide threat.
  • Improved efficiency. Protecting endpoints can drain memory resources. Integrated endpoint security software can reduce this resource drain by consolidating monitoring resources and leaving each endpoint free to do its job to maximum capacity.

Elements of Total Threat Protection

Selecting the right integrated endpoint security solution can make the difference between a secure, profitable company and a disaster. It’s possible to spend a great deal of time researching different options and still feel confused about what solution to select. This checklist is a helpful guide to ensuring the solution you choose contains everything you need for comprehensive threat protection.

  • Automatic monitoring and updating. With automatic monitoring and updating, threat detection alerts are instantly disseminated across your entire endpoint network to protect every vulnerable endpoint.
  • Endpoint encryption. Encryption is essential for data protection. With endpoint encryption, information sent via endpoints will be useless to criminals.
  • Protection for all operating systems. Most corporate systems use Android and Apple, PC and Macintosh, so your endpoint protection must function effectively with each of these.
  • Zero maintenance requirements. Because all updates are done in real-time you will never face downtime due to maintenance.
  • URL filtering. URL filtering easily limits employee access to known malicious or inappropriate URLs.
  • Easy setup for new endpoints. With easy setup you can add new endpoints at any time and have them up thoroughly protected in no time.
  • Low resource load. Security scanning that slows down endpoint performance puts your entire security system at risk. By selecting a solution with fast, clean scanning you eliminate the risk of employees disabling security scans.

When you select an integrated endpoint security that includes each of these components you can enjoy total peace of mind.

About the Author: Jeff Hannigan is a freelance IT specialist and technical writer who also blogs frequently on IT tech topics. Originally an English major, once he began to learn about information technology he never looked back. You can follow him on Google Plus here.

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