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There’s a bit more than is on the surface when you have to replace your tumble dryer in 2012. The more restrictions you have at home with the location means you need to be more careful. As you know, there are front and top-loading dryers with significant differences between them. If you need to think about that, then maybe look for a dryer with a lid that opens in either direction. You can find that and other interesting features in today’s tumble dryer.

If you don’t mind being without a steam cycle, then that’s good because the LG DLE2050W doesn’t have one. What you’ll discover with this model are pretty much the standard types of features you’ll get in most dryers of the tumble design. One point of departure that is a positive is the outstanding warranty terms. So be sure you check them out as many users appreciate them. Moisture sensing that makes automatic adjustments for the length of drying time is there. After reading enough reviews of tumble dryers, you’ll begin to see patterns with features and functionality. So then you need to look for things that are different and worth the price.

Another tumble dryer that is gas operation is the Samsung DV520AGW/XAA. Spacious capacity is available and perfect for the big families with lots of kids – 75 cubic feet. In years past, a common problem was with the drum rusting out. Some modern units do the right thing with rust-resistant metals. This Samsung model features a stainless steel drying drum, so you can keep it indefinitely without rust problems. This has a setting or steam cycle which appears to be the rage, these days. But it is a smart idea to steam clothes in the dryer because it’s effective with wrinkle removing. Samsung models tend to be toward the upper price points which places them out of reach for many folks, though.

If you like to have lots of features to choose from for the right price, then that’s why the Whirlpool WED4900XW is popular. One approach with some dryers is an intermittent tumble cycle after the regular drying is done. This is automatically done in this dryer, so you can put the clothes in and go somewhere. Moisture sensors are very popular and exist in just about any recent dryer. Prior to this innovation, it was common for clothes to get dried too much. There are 13 cycles in the Whirlpool WED4900XW along with a door that swings both in and out. This is a clever design approach and will accommodate just about any apartment setting.

One of the best places to start if you need a new tumble dryer is capacity. If you have a family, then of course this is an important consideration. After capacity, then you can choose based on convenience, number of cycles, energy savings, and of course price. Just avoid making price your uppermost criteria because that is not always the best indicator for quality.

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