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Technology is something that impresses me, even though I am not technologically minded myself. In my job I have to use gadgets to help me keep up with the modern world.  I use a Mac to produce written documents and images, my phone keeps me in touch with the world even if I am not at my desk and the laptop allows me to work where I please.  In my home life I use gadgets too, and so there is no point denying that if they were removed from my life I would miss them, because I would, greatly.

Gadgets for Work
As technology has advanced the gadgets have become more and more crucial to my existence.  My smartphone is fantastic as I am now able to go online and check my social accounts anytime I please. Sending and receiving emails and documents is simple so I am able to work on the go. This may not be ideal for all people but when you have clients all over the world contacting you at all times of the day and night the benefits of this speak for themselves.  I am still able to send professional information as I wait for the train or as I am walking the dog.

What I absolutely adore is the fact that I am able to take so much information with me as I go.  In the past I would have a heavy satchel filled with paper work and books I needed for reference or information.  I would leave the house weighed down and spend all day worrying about where the satchel was, whether I had the right books inside it and rubbing my sore shoulder that was aching from its weight.  Those days have completely vanished.  I am now able to leave the house with just my smartphone in my pocket and the tablet in my bag.  All the information I need is stored on these lightweight devices, an incredible feat that has been solved so perfectly thanks to technology. Cloud technology is also a brilliant move in the right direction so all my documents can be easily obtained no matter what computer or device I am sitting in front of. That’s something I am exploring for the first time and already I know it will become as important to me as email is now.

Gadgets in the Home
After working on my devices all day you may think that gadgets are the last thing I play with when I’m at home but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  My television rarely gets a look in these days.  After spending time with the kids and the wife my nights revolve around my eReader.  I don’t like to use my laptop much in the home as it is on for many hours throughout the day but that’s not a problem because e-readers have evolved so much in recent years.

I am now able to read books, watch videos, chat to mates on social networks and do everything I usually do on my tablet. It’s incredible really and the possibilities continue to grow with the technology. What I’m really excited about now is the idea of ePaper.  That’s a screen that can be manipulated, bent and flexed without the image or text becoming distorted on the screen.  The idea of that excites me greatly and I know I will be thrusting my hand in my pocket as soon as I can to test out the advantages of this next natural progression in gadgets.

While many people have a fear of technology I for one embrace it and appreciate how it makes my life easier.  As gadgets evolve my work and personal life will continue to reap the benefits, and there is no way I am denying myself of that.

Carolina Green blogs about tech and gadgets covering everything from developments in flexible plastic displays to the latest gadgets and smart phones.

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