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What are QR codes?
QR codes are special kinds of barcodes that are made to scan into a mobile device. A QR code is read by a special application can be downloaded for free on a mobile device.

QR codes are used by many businesses to advertise certain aspects of their company to consumers in a personal way. QR codes have been extremely successful ever since their inception, and their use seems to only be trending upward.

How do you create QR codes?
QR codes are relatively simple to create – all that one needs do is go to one of the many QR code creation sites on the Internet and fill in the appropriate information. The program will then generate QR code can be incorporated into a smart phone or simply printed out and scanned at will.

What is the role of the QR code in mobile marketing?
In mobile marketing, QR codes are used for many reasons, some of which will be detailed below.
One – QR codes can be used to advertise sales.
Perhaps the biggest use of the QR code is to advertise a particular one-time sale that a company is having. If the QR code is also a part of an opt in list, consumers can be made to feel very personal and exclusive feelings based upon the method of communication.

Two – QR codes can be used to advertise certain aspects of business.
Many times, restaurants will use QR codes to send a mobile phone user straight to the menu. Retail stores will use QR codes to tell customers the inventory that they have in stock.

Three – Codes are used to entice people into an opt in list.
QR codes can also take potential customers straight to an information grab page with a special offer. This helps to increase the information that a company has on the people who frequent it for remarketing purposes.

Four – QR codes are great for coupons.
QR codes combined with geographic targeting can actually send an automatic coupon to a mobile phone when it comes within a certain radius of the store. This is an effective strategy that virtually ensures a increase in customer conversions during holiday seasons and busy periods of high traffic and competition.

How can we create QR codes?
If you have need of a QR code, you have only to go to and complete the very easy process to get your very own QR code.

What are some future uses for QR codes?
The uses for QR codes are far from limited and will only increase as people continue to purchase more and more from the mobile environment.

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