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A video marketing campaign is an excellent way to boost your current content marketing platform and build brand awareness and interest in your company. While most people know that YouTube videos are a great way to do just that, not a lot of business people know how to do it successfully. How do you create an awesome video that your target customers will find interesting?

While there is a time and place for commercials, it’s important to remember that YouTube videos should never seem like a commercial to consumers. Instead, you want to provide interesting and compelling content that will make customers more interested in your business and what it has to offer. For example, instead of a 30-second video on the benefits of your product, why not do a video on a topic that is relevant to your business or something that will teach your viewers? If your product is a sewing machine, you might have a video showing how to make different patterns. The following are just a few tips on how to make YouTube videos interesting to customers.

Don’t Be Too Commercial
Spam is everywhere and it doesn’t need to be something you use in your YouTube videos. Not only will customers avoid watching spam but if you mislead consumers to believe that the video is something it’s not, they will avoid your business. It’s important to realize that there is a difference between spam and useful content. Let’s consider the product above – the sewing machine. If you made videos discussing how to use different features, this would not be spam. In fact, many customers would find this information useful. You could even include a link to your YouTube Channel in the manual so that customers could easily find the videos. On the other hand, if you do a three-minute video about why customers should buy your sewing machine, that’s spam.

Choose Relevant Topics
If you’re not going to do commercials on YouTube, what will your videos be about? As mentioned above, you might do videos about sewing patterns that can be made with your sewing machine. However, you might also do a video about how the popularity of handmade goods rises during the holidays and how crafters can take advantage of this trend by sewing their own products. This encourages buyers to purchase a sewing machine without being seen as spam or a commercial.

Don’t be afraid to use humor when appropriate or create a fun skit or roleplay a scene of people using your product. These are all great ways to entertain the viewer while also creating a positive impression of your brand.

Discover What People Are Searching For
It’s important to know what people in your target market are searching for. One way to do this is to search for relevant keywords and work them into your video descriptions. Through Google Adwords Keyword Search Tool, you can see which words are searched for most, but have the least amount of competition. This means that by creating videos with these keywords, you’re filling a void and giving consumers what they want. For example, upon entering the term “sewing machine” you’ll find that there are a lot of searches, but also a lot of competition. You would keep plugging in keywords until you find something that makes sense for your videos, but also has good numbers.

Provide Unique Videos
“Apron Sewing Pattern” sounds ho-hum doesn’t it? Instead, you want unique videos that haven’t been done a thousand times before. For example, why not make a video titled “Stylish Plus-Sized Apron Pattern”? Not only does this make your content unique but chances are it will also fill a void. When you’re one of the only businesses providing the content that consumers need, you get noticed.

Step outside Your Comfort Zone
Are you normally reserved and professional? Then why not use your YouTube videos to shake things up a bit? Instead of focusing on professionalism, focus on what your target market would want to see. Let’s say you’re trying to target a younger generation to purchase sewing machines. By creating a YouTube video that has funky music playing in the background and has a teenager working on a pattern for a messenger bag or MP3 holder, you’re more likely to attract those you want to attract.

YouTube isn’t just for videos of dancing babies or talking cats. Take your business to the next level by making a few videos that appeal to your customers. Remember, you want your videos to be informative, unique, and interesting. You also want to make sure that you’re focusing on your target market and fill a void by providing content that isn’t currently available, but it highly searched for. Not only is this good marketing, but it can also be fun marketing.

When you want to reach more people with your video marketing campaign, consider buying YouTube views to boost your following and gain attention to a new account or new videos.

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