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Polished Concrete Makes Spaces Cleaner and Greener

Discussions of concrete polishing tend to center on the beauty and durability this technique can give a concrete floor. While these are certainly good reasons for having a floor polished, there are other positive points that deserve mention. There are environmental benefits at both the individual and the global level, some of which are particularly relevant to residents in a hot climate like Australia’s. Some of these benefits result from concrete’s physical properties, and others are the effects of the actual polishing process.

Thermal Properties

In some literature, concrete’s thermal properties have gotten a bad reputation because this material plays a large role in the creation of urban heat islands. This is a valid cause of concern, but concrete can have a different effect in other settings. Interior concrete floors can serve as a thermal mass and help even out a building’s temperature. It takes an enormous amount of heat to warm a large mass of concrete, and as long as it isn’t in direct sunlight, it is very unlikely to absorb enough heat to feel warm. Even in the heat of a sunny Australian day, a concrete floor will always feel slightly cool. This effect is not an illusion, and results in significant savings on cooling bills.

Reflective Properties

A polished concrete floor allows lighting to work more efficiently by reflecting much of the light from overhead fixtures. If the floor was unpolished, much of this light would be absorbed and wasted. Buildings that have had their concrete floors polished have seen as much as a 30 percent reduction in their lighting costs from this effect.

Reduction of Harmful Vapors and Particulates

The effects of polishing concrete floors on air quality come from two sourcesthe VOC-free nature of the material and the cleaning products used on it, and the lack of concrete dust from a polished surface. Unlike many old-style flooring materials, concrete does not contain VOCs, the culprits behind sick building syndrome. The maintenance of these floors is also a VOC-free process, since polished concrete requires only minimal cleaning not involving solvents, coatings or polishes.
Unpolished concrete wears heavily and produces dust that contributes to respiratory problems, but polishing and densifying the surface prevents this. The same hardness that gives polished concrete its beauty also gives it abrasion-resistance so particles do not enter the air.

Reduction of Building Materials

Some other flooring materials require an additional surface to make them look good and wear well. Polished concrete looks great and does not need tile, plaster or any other surface. Construction costs are reduced, and a serviceable floor is produced with less material, ultimately benefitting the entire environment.

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