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The retail industry in the UK has been going through something of a slump in recent times, but it’s thought that 2012 will bring a much-needed boost thanks to the staging of the London Olympics. The sporting fiesta will run from late July through to mid-August, and it promises to be an event which Londoners in particular and Britons in general will be proud of.

Tickets for almost all of the sports have sold in vast numbers, and there have been millions of disappointed fans who have been unable to get them. However, all is not lost, because the television companies are planning almost blanket coverage of everything from athletics to Greco-Roman wrestling.

Electrical stores are gearing up to offer special prices on the latest LED TV, digital radio and DVD player, in a bid to cash in on the build-up to the Olympics. In small family-run shops, large out-of-town retail units and even on the Internet, it’s relatively easy for the average consumer to find rock bottom prices without having to search too hard.

For the consumer, this would have been a lot more difficult a few years ago, but the rise in importance and popularity of the comparison website has made the quest far easier. These days, it’s so easy to find the lowest prices on the best LED TV or recordable DVD player without even having to go out of the front door.

Legendary Olympic Moments

Over the years, the Olympic Games have provided us with so many unforgettable moments, and 2012 will almost certainly add to that list. Iconic images of the past include Cathy Freeman surging to victory in Sydney, Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic flame in Atlanta and Nadia Comaneci achieving perfection in Montreal.

The advantage for the modern television viewer nowadays is the quality of the viewing experience itself. With crystal clear images and wonderfully rich sound, it can almost feel as though you are in the stadium with the competitors. In many ways, it can be better than actually being there for real.

Needless to say, much of the action will be taking place when a significant proportion of the population will be out of the home, whether at work or visiting friends or family members. All is not lost, however, because a Freeview HD recorder can be used to record all the action in order to watch it at a later time. With one of these machines, there’s no need to miss any race, any throw or any jump.

While most of the sports are taking place in and around the Olympic Park in London, there are several more venues which are hosting specific sports. The sailing, for example, will be taking place off the coast of Weymouth in Dorset, and the rowing and canoeing will be held at Dorney Lake in Buckinghamshire. With a good TV and recorder, however, every single event will be taking place in your own living room.

Jack Ryman is a technology enthusiast from the UK who is gearing up to enjoy the Olympics in style on his LED TV. That is, until the beer kicks in…

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