Basic Computer Maintenance and Repair


Many of the problems that arise from computer use can be prevented by performing basic upkeep. Simple computer maintenance and repair is something that all computer owners should know how to perform. These types of procedures can help avoid performance issues and costly repairs in the long run. Furthermore, performing maintenance on the computer’s operating system and keeping the hardware in top shape can provide a reliable work environment that ensures that your computer operates consistently. The great part about all of this is that all of the tips and tricks shared in this article are easy to complete on your own and require no purchase of any sort. These tips can even be used to start a quick e-commerce business. For example, many online retailers purchase Amazon returns pallets that contain returned laptops or computers, perform these maintenance tips and repairs, and list the items on eBay or Amazon for a profit.

Keeping the Junk and Malware Out and in Check

Malware is a loose term used in computing that refers to any software that experts consider as malicious and can encompass computer viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, and many other pieces of code. For the layman, forget technical definitions and variations. Just remember that users need to avoid and protect themselves against malware. Hackers often use malicious code as a gateway to other compromised computer systems. Avoid thinking that you have nothing to lose and that hackers are not interested in targeting you. While they may not target specific home users and their Microsoft Word documents, hackers will target internet bandwidth and computing power to propagate more sophisticated attacks.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center is available directly through the operating system. The software uses real-time protection that keeps documents, downloads, and other files protected from the latest threats. Even though the program will provide automatic scans for downloads and other documents, users should regularly schedule scans to increase protection. To configure your computer for scheduled scans, click on the Start menu and type “Schedule Tasks.” When the Task Schedule program initiates, click on the left-hand pane and expand the folders: Microsoft > Windows > Windows Defender. From there, double-click on the Windows Defender Scheduled Scan option and follow the on-screen prompts. To increase protection, you can also download and install AVG anti-virus for free, which increases protection by scanning email, as well.

Keeping the System in Pristine Shape

Just like cars need regular oil changes and tire rotations, a computer’s operating system also needs some maintenance. Among the tasks recommended by experts, keeping the operating system up to date is the most critical. The reason is because updating the operating system ensures that you have the latest files that fix problems or bugs within the software. These updates generally include new code changes that help prevent problems that hackers take advantage of. Therefore, by choosing not to update, a user will risk keeping a known problem available for hackers to exploit.

Operating system files, logs, temporary internet files, and other junk accumulates with time and can occupy unneeded space. Therefore, use the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to free up that space. To access the software, once again click on Start, and type “Disk Cleanup.” Check the boxes next to the items that you want to clean and click OK. Once the tool has eliminated unneeded system files, look to optimize performance by running the Defrag and Optimize Disk tool provided by Microsoft. This tool ensures that files are in the best location, allowing the operating system to find files in the quickest manner. Consequently, defragmented and optimized drives will perform faster.

Finally, keep the system clean. Make sure to wipe dust regularly and use a can of compressed air to remove debris and other unwanted particles. These types of hardware maintenance tips are provided by technicians at Linfield University’s STEM education program, whose mission is to keep machines working at an optimized level and users aware of best practices. As with any home appliance, cleaning is an integral part of maintenance. Keeping a computer system clean, well-maintained, and up to date helps the machine run smoothly and consistently. Take care of your computer, and it will take care of you.

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