Asus Laptop Under $500 Review: Asus Eee PC 1201 PN Review



There may be several factors that could make one select an Asus laptop as their favourite laptop brand. But others will suggest that they cannot have a favourite laptop brand. This is because not all the products of the different laptop manufacturers fit the taste of a particular individual. And some will even argue that another laptop manufacturing company has a better version of the laptop model of some Asus laptop computers. All this are the various customer and expert opinions that make reviewing a laptop very difficult. And for some it is almost an impossible task because what may be very good for one person may be bad for another. This makes it hard to suggest a laptop to be great when you don’t know what a person may be looking for in a laptop. This is also not a very difficult issue and the reason is simply because there are certain basic features that make a laptop great. And when it comes to these basic features, majority of persons will agree that an average laptop must have them. Also, the focus of a review is not necessarily to choose the best laptop for a person but to help them see the various features of a particular laptop. This will help them in knowing why it may or may not be their good choice. After the individual has seen the review, they can then decide if it is truly their good choice or not. So what are the features of this Aus Eee PC 120 1 PN.

Major Specifications

  • Processor: Intel N450/1.66Hz Atom
  • Memory: 2GB/4GB
  • Hard Drive: 5400rpm

The Good

This Asus laptop computer has an average user rating of 3.5/5.0 stars and this for starters makes it to seat very well since this is well above average. Its comfortable keyboard is another feature that stands to be admired in this laptop computer. All this in addition to its good speakers and screen can easily qualify this Asus Eee PC 120 1 PN as your affordable laptop choice. But even though the processor offers performance and graphics benefits you shouldn’t choose this laptop just yet until you see its not so good side.

The Cons

You can easily get a full laptop with same qualities for the same price and one may not really appreciate its stream video. This in addition to its not very good gaming ability may want to make you question your desire for this particular Asus Eee PC 120 1 PN.

But then it boils down to what you want. You have seen the pros and the cons of this laptop. The choice still remains yours. While most people will insist that the fact that it is not a full laptop makes it a bad buy, others will argue that it could be welcomed by other people that just appreciate its great features. The rest is left for you to decide, but this Asus PC is generally not a bad choice for one who is not desperately in need of a complete laptop PC.

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