All About Mine Dewatering Pumps


The process by which the removal of water from solid material or soil can be performed is known as “dewatering.” Mine dewatering is the process for the removal of natural water that leeches into mine shafts through rock and soil, and removal from the mine itself. Dewatering in traditional cases can be performed by a number of tools and multiple methods of water control, for example, a dewatering pump and wells, to dry out the space that needs to be dewatered. These tools are available to be purchased, and can be found through a variety of sources.

Generally, a mine dewatering pump is a stationary device used to move high volumes of water from various depths, to relocate water that has collected or is collecting within a mine or quarry. They can move exceptional amounts of water, some of them over four-hundred gallons of water a minute! This kind of performance is backed by a variety of technologies which improve pump efficiency, such as piston draw pumps which have levels of efficiency that can exceed eighty-five percent. Many pumps are designed for a variety of needs, and can be purchased based on a variety of metrics, such as the power of the pump itself. Typically, pumps run on petroleum based fuels, such as gasoline, or diesel. If an operation has an interest in exploring green solutions, consider finding a pump which can operate on biodiesel. Using a pump design with high efficiency combined with this fuel source can help make the pump a more sustainable piece of equipment, but it can also recompense the costs of operation over time.

The typical mine dewatering pump is designed to be left running for long periods of time unattended, considering the nature of groundwater and natural springs, as well as the nature of mining operations themselves. They can also be designed to prime themselves, and to run dry if the need arises, without damage to the pump internals. These features are important unless the mining operation is large enough to dedicate an individual to watching and administering to the pump. If the water levels are low and the pump is not designed to run dry, this may cause damage to the internal workings of the device; such could prove to be very costly to repair for the operation. On the topic of repairs, mine dewatering pumps should also be designed to be serviced with a modicum of ease and convenience, given the nature of the operation in which the pump is designed to serve. The mine dewatering pump should also be designed to be rugged, and it should have some capacity to move or be moved should the need arise for a relocation.

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