Alcohol And How It Affects Your Wallet


Whether you are a college student, young professional, or farther along in your career, you should know that the decisions that you make on a weekly and sometimes daily basis in terms of how much you drink, can greatly affect your lifestyle in terms of where you live, what your possessions are, and ultimately, what kind of debt you are in.

The College Lifestyle of Partying

These days, students think that it is their given right to party it up every single weekend when they are away at college. So many students go away to college to have the time of their lives, rather than to actually focus on their career, do well in school, and come out with a degree that matters – not just a degree that is a ticket to job interview.

In fact, alcohol consumption can be a main factor in determining how much debt one can fall into in their college days as well as how much success a student will have when it comes to the class room.

Here’s a for instance: A student spends $20-$40 on one night of drinking (very common) and gets lit out at the bar with his or her friends. The next day the student fails a test that he or she should have been studying for the night before. Now did she really just only lose out on $20-$40. The answer is “no”. A lot of times, this is how classes are failed, classes that can cost thousands of dollars – all because of one night of drinking. This is not an unlikely scenario; it’s not something that is out of the ordinary.

Not only this, but when students are drinking, they are very likely to go out and buy food as well. And on top of all of this, it is very common for the average college student to put all of this on their credit card. That increases the amount of money that a college student will fall into debt because of the interest of the credit card (which is why students need to learn to be responsible when they are about to apply for a credit card).

Some student take part in situations like these many time throughout their college careers, and students that are just relying on financial aid and student loans to fund themselves through college, and are without a job, are a lot more likely to dig themselves into a humungous hole by participating in events like these. A few times over and you can find yourself in massive debt, and even worse, flunking out of college.

After College

Many times, students that live this life style in college continue to live this life style once they graduate (or dropout). Spending large amount of money on alcohol is one of the main reasons that people have a hard time coming out of debt or falling deeper into it.

Not only that, but it limits on what you can add to your expense list on a monthly budget. Some people have a harder time making rent and keeping up with phone bills, or are just barely making because of their need to fill their appetite in binge drinking.

When you drink more, you live a unhealthier life style. You begin to eat worse (think taco bell and KFC) and you begin to lose out on things you can buy.

For instance, instead of spending $40 every Friday on going out with your friends, try to spend that amount of money on a new shirt, or something else that would make you happier – as well as a lot less sick the next morning.

The drinking scene can follow many of us later into our lives – it doesn’t always just stop after college. It is recommended that you never drink more than two drinks in one day, and to never binge drink to the point where you are howling at the moon. It has negative effects on our lives – in our health and in our wallets.

This article was written by Philip Russell. Philip helps to run and maintain by day, which is a website for which you can find the best rewards credit cards. In his spare time he likes to write about the flaws of our education system today – and how it is lacking to provide the students of today’s world with the tools they need.

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