Advantages Of Using Multi-Lane Conveyor Dryers


As a business grows, it is important to do all you can in order to cope with the new projects that you’re taking on. Unfortunately, when referring to conveyor dryers, there are many people that simply focus on buying ‘another device’ rather than considering the quality and performance factors of the dryer.

Maximizing Capacity In Minimum Floor Space
This is arguably the most important feature that needs to be taken into account. Due to its innovative design, a multi lane conveyor dryer you will enable you to maximize the capacity of your production line by providing multiple drying lanes without taking up as much space as multiple, individual machines. This is particularly useful when you require more equipment yet cannot your extend your workspace. Furthermore, incorporating a multi lane tool into your workspace can be a benefit the space by allowing more room in which you can add other tools and, consequently, enhance your production line – allowing you to cover more processes in less space.

Most people believe that multi lane conveyor dryers are pretty standard in the sense that what happens on a line will be exactly the same as what will happen on another lane. However, this is not actually the case. It is true that the initial dryers performed like that but, nowadays, technology is at an entirely different level. With technological advances, you can not only configure the entire conveyor system to use the exact same temperature during the entire drying process but you can also utilize sequential heat zones. Furthermore, you can also process the air humidity levels and even the airflow that is utilized.

Naturally, the initial cost of a multi lane conveyor dryer is more expensive than a standard conveyor dryer. However, despite standard conveyor dryers being a cheaper option, as you will need to buy multiple machines to fulfil the job of a single multi lane dryer, they in fact become more expensive.

To sum up, multi-lane conveyor dryers are cheaper than alternatives, can be better configured and would occupy less floor space. Such advantages need to be taken into account as they allow a business to be far more productive without spending as much money. Although these are the key advantages to investing in a multi lane conveyor dryer, there are also further advantages that should be taken into account when researching various forms of drying machines.

By Sam Hurley; a Digital Marketing Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK

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