Acer Laptop Under $500 Review: Acer AS1430Z – 4677 Review


Acer Laptop Under $500 review Acer AS1430Z – 4677 review

When it comes to laptop computers there are a lot of things that people have to say. And when you start talking about the features of any laptop there are a lot of things that everyone wants a laptop to have. But what are the major features of a laptop. What are the features that an average laptop should have? Even though the answer to this question may vary with the individual in question, many will still agree that on the average a laptop computer should have some features. These features would include; a good processor and a ram averaging about 2-4GB, a hard drive of about 320GB and it should at least have a stylish body. While not every laptop that has these features can be considered to be a great laptop, it must be said that most laptops with these features can easily rank as an average laptop for light computing. Most times if you want a laptop that can do more with great processor and hard drive space you may also want to consider a laptop with a higher price. Among the many laptop manufacturers it is almost impossible to pick one which all their products are great. This is because each laptop model is usually made to satisfy a particular desire for the consumer and the other features of the laptop may just be additions. So it will be almost impossible to find one particular laptop brand with all the features of a great laptop. And most of the laptops that have several great features always have a price to match. But this Acer AS1430Z – 4677 stands at a good price with some nice features.

Major Specifications

  • 1.33GHz Intel Pentium U5600 Ultra-Low Voltage Processor (3MB L3 cache)
  • 3GB of installed DDR3 RAM (1066 MHz)
  • 320GB SATA hard drive (5400rpm)

The Good

No one can argue that Acer has relatively cheap and beautiful laptop, although the price of this Acer AS1430Z – 4677 that stands at around $499.99, may not be one of the very cheap ones. But this is still a cheap price to buy a laptop today. Its other features include its Windows 7 Home Premium, its 1.3 mega pixel webcam and its 6 –cell battery. Talking about its exterior and weight one will agree that this Acer AS1430Z – 4677 is one notebook that gives you the size of a netbook.

The Cons

This Acer AS1430Z – 4677 is not too good for heavy computing like gaming and Photoshop. It is also poor for real time browsing. Another con of this Acer AS1430Z – 4677 is that it has a very small mouse pad. While this may not be a serious problem, those with big fingers may want to consider other alternatives.

Apart from the cons of this Acer AS1430Z – 4677, it is a fairly cheap and reasonable laptop to buy. But since not everyone likes Acer, you can consider getting the budget alternative from another laptop company. But if you are okay with Acer and you don’t mind a fairly good laptop for basic computing, then this Acer AS1430Z – 4677 will do you no wrong.

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