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8 Ways To Use Google + For Business


No matter what tool you use, it will be of no use until and unless you know how to use it efficiently. Google + can be a wonderful social networking site only if you know how to use it in a proper way. In this article we discuss 8 ways to use your Google + business site effectively.

Use ‘Hangout’: Hangout is nothing but a typical group chat application. This application will allow a maximum number of 10 users to use the audio and video chat option simultaneously from 10 different places. This is extremely beneficial for those businessmen who move from one place to another very frequently. However, those using Android 2.3 (or above) phones that come along with dual cameras can enjoy the facilities of this option.

Creating a dedicated Google + Page only for business: Google + is so designed to make sure that users can create business relationships with various business communities & brands without any difficulty whatsoever. That is the reason there is an option that helps businesses to influence Google +.  Hence, a Google + page must be created exclusively for business purpose. The process of creating such a page is extremely easy and just a press of a tag will provide you step by step instructions of creating a Google + business page.

Taking Help of ‘Streams’: The Streams option helps the users to post their latest updates regarding the products & services for promoting the business. For gaining extra publicity, users have the option of forwarding these posts to their friends or business partners. Any person can have access to these posts and in case they like the post they can reply or comment. They can even forward the post to their friends if they feel like. In this way, not only can the public reaction be understood but it also helps in creating a large potential customer base within a certain period of time.

Using ‘Circles’ option: This feature of Google + business page allows the users in communicating publicly as well as privately. ‘Circles’ or in other words communities of friends and business clients can also be created. For example, various circles for various sects of clients can be created in accordance to their part they have played in creating the bottom-line – as per the Pareto Analysis or 80/20 Rule.

Taking help of the user friendly feature that helps sharing Information: The extremely easy-to-use feature is indeed helpful in receiving & sharing information that will help in generating interests amongst the business fraternity.

This is another very important step to use Google + business page properly. For those who are blogging on the WordPress sites, googleCards plugin will be of immense help to the blog as well as the Google + account. This flawless widget helps the readers to link to Google + effortlessly and add other followers with a simple click of mouse.

The last ways to use the Google+ efficiently for business are taking time while creating pages instead of pushing too hard as this may mess the entire thing up. Getting proactive, importing emails from existing contacts to generate more contacts and last but not the least, helping others are the other ways of using Google + for business.

Edoardo Piccolotto, is an Internet Marketing and Stretegic Consultant that provides specific strategy advices to business that want to use internet to generate new business opportunities.

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