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6 Reasons Why Your Car Dealership Requires Social Bookmarking


The increasing popularity of social networking, blogging and instant messaging has created a lucrative business opportunity for online car dealerships. Without further adieu your car dealer website can leverage the power of social bookmarking to attract a surge of potential customers to your online inventory. The concept of social bookmarking involves a system where visitors can browse your site and save webpages that are of interest them. 6 Reasons Why Your Car Dealership Requires Social Bookmarking
They can in turn share these WebPages with other potential customers on online communities by using share buttons.

So just how does social bookmarking benefit your automotive dealership?

  • Convenience – When a potential customer arrives at your dealer website and finds a car that he is interested in, he would obviously want to save all the information regarding its price, fuel consumption etc. Social bookmarking would allow him to save the details in his browser so that he can check back later and access the information at his own convenience.

  • Lead generator – Social bookmarking can be used as one of the effective lead generator for your business. For instance when a customer hones in on a car that he is interested in purchasing, he would be able to save the page and add a note and a tag, which would help him, remember where he found the car. Using social bookmarking he can access the saved information instantly and send you a lead expressing his interest in making the purchase.

  • Backlinks – Social bookmarking is also a very potent tool that can be incorporated into your SEO strategy. Social bookmarking would create a surge of organic traffic to your site. Search engines have an affinity for websites that are able to generate organic backlinks as it establishes their authenticity. An increased amount of backlinks would help your website feature high on search engine rankings and create instant visibility for your dealership.

  • Mobilizing your inventory – Social bookmarking enables users to share your inventory in a multitude of online networks and communities. This would help your car inventory marketing campaign gain immense traction, as it would be viewed by a variety of users across a seamless medium.

  • Promotion – One of the biggest benefits of using social bookmarking is that it enables users to catalogue there saved pages using tags. These tags appear on public listings and double up as keywords which can be used by visitors to locate your website online. Social bookmarking tags can thus be used as an effective promotional mechanism for your dealership.

  • Increased accessibility – The growing patronage of smart phones and other devices have created an urgent need for marketers to customize their content so that they can be accessed using any device. Book marked links bolster the accessibility of your inventory as users can view them from any device, irrespective of whether it is a computer or a cell phone.

Social bookmarking is a dynamic trend that seems to be expanding due to its increasing popularity among online users. By capitalizing on this trend, your car dealer website can make it easier for your customers to save and access your web content at will and share it using a seamless medium.

Chris Burns writes for BURN SEO, LLC a custom dealer websites design firm that provides automotive social media marketing services for increased marketing exposure online.

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