5 Tools To Get Feedback For Your Website


Whether you are revamping your website or launching a brand new one, getting other peoples opinions on the design and navigation of the site is critical if you are going to create a user friendly and attractive site. Thanks to the exemplary abilities of the web to connect us with people all over the globe, getting feedback on your website is as easy as click, click, click. Here are five of the best tools for gathering feedback to help you get the evaluation you need on your site.

  1. Critique The Site

One of the most flexible tools on the web, this one works by adding a feedback frame to the left side of the web page where users are able to add their own comments and feedback. The app requires no user registration, although your critics will need to log in with one of the mainstream web services like Facebook or Twitter to post comments. The big benefit of this service is the freedom with which users can post their feedback on your design, however it doesn’t come with a panel of reviewers so your feedback will be limited to the people you already have in your network.

  1. SitePoint

As a leading internet media company and professional publishers of ebooks and articles on web design, SitePoint hosts a popular forum for getting feedback on your site design from their massive user base of over half a million. Simply post a link to your site asking for feedback, and the community will respond with their comments and suggestions.

  1. Five Second Test

This is one of the most innovative approaches to site feedback out there. Users are shown either screen shot of a website for five seconds, or are asked to click on the thing that captures their attention most, also within five seconds. After, they are asked to describe what they just saw or clicked on, enabling web designers to see if they are hitting the right notes in terms of creating a memorable and captivating site.

  1. Usabilla

Aimed squarely at the live site end of the market, this tool enables you to get feedback on the usability of your site, either with a view to redesigning elements of your pages, or following a redesign to see how effective your methods were. It has a built in annotation tool, enabling participants to give free feedback at any stage of the test, and works by asking users to complete simple tasks on each page. It is free for one page testing with up to 50 participants, but any more than that and you’ll need to upgrade to premium.

  1. Feedback Army

If you need detailed feedback in a short space of time, this paid for service offers great value and turnaround time. $15 will get you 10 reviews with up to 6 detailed questions asked, and you will usually have your results within three hours tops. Questions could include things like “What do you think would improve the site” or “What does this site do”, which would result in some useful feedback to take forward with your design.

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