5 Tips To Creating Product Reviews That Will Wow The Crowd


When buying new products online, many people will immediately search for a review of that product. This is because before shelling out your hard earned money, you want to know this is the product you are looking for. It is also helpful to know how the product has helped other people, and if there are any weaknesses. There are many websites out there that sell the same products, so it can be helpful to compare and contrast them. But how do you write a good product review that will get people to buy? Below I will discuss 5 simple tips to creating amazing and high converting product reviews.

#1. Push emotional buttons. Whenever you are trying to sell a product, you need to get a bit psychological. You want to get inside the consumer’s head a little bit. If the product you are selling is a fat burning cream, tell them how amazing they will look after losing weight, if it’s a brand new computer, highlight the attributes of the computer such as how fast it is, and what it can do differently from other products. This is a very important aspect of “preselling” the person before they buy the product.

#2. Show pros & cons. It is very important to show both the pros and the cons. One mistake that is commonly made is just outlining the good points of the product. This looks scammy, and people can usually see straight through it. You want to give an honest outline of both the good and bad sides of the product you are reviewing. Don’t be scared that putting cons down will scare buyers away, in fact quite the opposite, your review will stand out from the crowd.

#3. Real user review. Of course it is helpful that you have actually used the product yourself. This always helps to make it seem more authentic and genuine, because you can be a lot more specific about exactly what the product does. If you do not own the product or want to buy it solely for the purpose of giving a review, you can always hire a person that has used the product.

#4. Give alternate options. One thing you can do is write 3 different product reviews. This helps to give the buyer options, and should help increase sales and conversion rates. Doing a top 3 or top 10 comparison is a great method to do this.

#5. Use good but simple english. You want to be writing your reviews at about a 5th grade level. Use good, gramatically correct english that makes sense and flows well. Include some technical details with the product such as what it does and why. But make sure to not get too fancy with your writing, as you want to appeal to the greatest amount of people you can.

These 5 tips should get you well on your way to writing amazing and stand-out product reviews that will help you make sales. Remember, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to writing reviews, or people will just see through it.

Emily G. is a writer for Ukritic is one of the best sources for those that may want to learn more about affiliate marketing, and product reviews.

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