5 Rules To A Successful Date


It’s getting warmer again and hormones are flowing. Dating season has begun, for some people it never stopped, but as the sun shines, the best thing to do right now is to fall in love and have a summer fling that will hopefully last longer than the British summer.

But dating has never been an easy, straight forward thing. In fact, it can destroy or build up one’s confidence in a matter of hours.

So here I have listed 5 simple rules to follow to make your date successful.


Rule 1: Location

Location is important, possibly one of the most important things to consider. If you don’t get the atmosphere right, then you can almost kiss this whole thing goodbye but unfortunately not your date.

Make it casual, make it relaxed, there is already so much pressure on you. There’s no need to intensify that by choosing a fancy restaurant where you would be nervous anyway, what with using the wrong cutlery and mispronouncing the order. An impressive dining table sets you apart from the competition but it’s not the only thing that counts.

Rule 2: Dress

Okay, just like the location above, it needs to make you feel comfortable.

There is no need to wear something you never wear anyway, it will make you look odd and make you also feel uncomfortable. Balance it right, and depending on the location, dress accordingly.

Looking good is important but at the same time, you don’t want to give the impression that this is what you usually look like, avoid future disappointment and dress nicely, but be yourself.

Rule 3: Body Language

There are many things that can be read by how a person sits or talks. You just have to be observant enough to notice. Once you know that the avoidance of eye contact is not a good sign and the crossed arms mean that the other person really isn’t interested, you’ll learn that open gesture-rich conversations with occasional contact is a very good sign, and you can manipulate the situation to your favour.

Especially as a woman, it is easy to warm your dating partner to you. For example, when you sit, try edging forwards. The dining chairs should be facing each other for ultimate eye contact. Keep your arms open, and lean forward when speaking, only slightly, you don’t want to be right in their face.


Rule 4: Conversations

The topic of your conversation is up to you. Even though certain topics are apparently a no-go-area like politics or religion, I find that there’s nothing off the agenda. Since you want it to lead to more dates, why not find out that you just cannot stand the person and their views? Cards on the table is a good thing. No need for time-wasters! So my general rule is, tentatively start talking about topics you aren’t sure the other person will approve. This way you might also find that your partner’s boundaries are just as widely open as yours and they have a great sense of humour.

Rule 5: The Second Date

If everything goes well and you had a good laugh, don’t wait until the awkward moment when it’s time to say goodbye to ask them for a second date. You might feel that you haven’t given the best impression and you want to have a second chance in a more familiar environment to really shine. So instead of putting your date in a position where they feel pressured, do it during the conversation. Casually find out what they are interested in, there will be a point where they want to see that new movie, or want to visit this place. Suggest to go with you, taking them by surprise usually works and they will probably say yes to it.

So here you have it. Make sure to also be polite and don’t get too tipsy, sometimes it is also best to give strangers only portions of your personality at a time. Whatever you do, you should always listen to the other person, I can’t state that enough! Good luck singletons!

Lia Schopmeyer is a heartbreaker and expert blogger for Oak Furniture Superstore, a furniture retailer selling oak dining table sets as well as oak living room furniture for those who want an investment pieces.

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