5 PC Jokes To Make The Office More Lively


Enjoying your job can make the day pass so much faster! Many people even become friends with co-workers and spend time with them outside of work. If you’re comfortable being around your colleagues, practical jokes can make the office even livelier. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to pull off the following funny PC jokes, but you’ll definitely seem like a comedian!
Joke #1: Crazy Keyboard
You can drive someone completely crazy by simply unplugging their keyboard from the back of their computer. They will sit down and try to type only to wonder what the heck is going on. Better yet, if there are a lot of PCs sitting near each other, swap one keyboard for another by unplugging the cords and replacing them in different computers. Your joke victim will try to type on the keyboard in front of their computer, but it will actually be creating text on someone else’s PC.

Joke #2: Magic Mouse
You can pull the above-mentioned prank with a computer mouse just as easily as a keyboard. Just unplug the mouse from the back of the computer to cause someone a bit of mayhem. Wireless mouse? No problem. Cover the sensor on the bottom of the mouse with a sticky label, Post-It note, or piece of Scotch tape to cause it to stop working properly.

Joke #3: New Home Page
When most people sit down at their desk to get started working for the day, they open their preferred browser and check out their home page. Cause some computer confusion by carefully choosing a new home page! Rather than a traditional home page like Google or Yahoo!, set it to a kid’s cartoon channel or online store. Oh, and the choice is yours, but it’s probably not a wise decision to choose an “adult-oriented” site, if you get the drift.

Joke #4: Hide the Address Bar
Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to hide the web browser Internet address bar that normally appears at the top of whatever web page they currently have open. You can do this with most web browsers by simply changing the browser’s toolbar settings. Practice on your own computer first to ensure you’ve got the process down pat, and then sneak over to an unsuspecting co-worker’s desk when they step away for a moment. A hidden address bar will make it tough for them to figure out their current Internet page or access a new one.

Joke #5: Parental Controls
There you have it. Five PC jokes that are possible to perform even if you aren’t the most technologically savvy person in the office. Even if you need to ask someone for a little bit of help, you’ll certainly liven up your office. Oh, and assuming you didn’t get fired for your antics—watch your back, because your turn is most likely coming!
Who says work has to be boring? These harmless PC jokes can help make your office a livelier place to spend your days. Just make sure your boss has a sense of humor!

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