5 Most Important Calendar Applications for Iphone


5 Most Important Calendar Applications for Iphone

Probably one of the best practices for one’s optimal performance is to keep a record of daily events and tasks. Particularly when it comes to professionals and businessmen, they consider it as an important aspect of their success. Calendars play a very important role in this regard by assisting in maintaining punctuality in tasks completion which improves productivity. Calendars are now in frequent use and has become a must have item for Smartphone users.

The first such calendar application on iPhone was introduced by Apple itself by the name iCal. It is useful to a fair extent but it has limited functionality. With that, a number of such applications came in the market with outstanding features. Some of the best calendar apps in this regard are listed but their countdown is by no means limited.

Top 5 Calendar Apps for iPhone

1. Pocket Informant: Probably the most professional of all the calendar apps out there in the market is the “Pocket Informant”. It comes up with almost every minute feature that might be the requirement of any user. A number of listings and reviews have placed the best calendar app tag on pocket informant. It is readily available over the different App Stores on the internet and costs just a few dollars. Traditional iCal from Apple had the limitation that synchronization to Google calendars was not supported. Pocket informant is perfectly synchronized to Google along with facility to synchronization to iCloud. It is much user friendly and offers to create event lists group wise with separate coloring among different groups and a lot more.

2. The Missing Calendar – MiCal: A number of perspectives and views of calendar are provided by MiCal calendar application. It can be thought of as the best option in terms of views and perspectives. In terms of functionality, it is the most light-weight of all calendar apps, very efficient and at the same time pretty simple. At times, calendar apps are stuffed with unnecessary delicate features for product differentiation but MiCal is free from such delicate features and is available at a much affordable price of 1.99 USD.

3. CalenGoo: This app has been developed particularly for the users of Google Tasks and Google Calendar. If one is exclusively making use of the above mentioned features for managing daily routine, then the best iPhone calendar app for him/her is the CalenGoo. This app can perform its functionality even when offline and synchronizing the tasks later on when connected to the internet. It is available at a higher price of 6.99 USD as compared to the MiCal.

4. GooCal: When it comes to affordability, GooCal is one of the most perfect options in calendar apps present out there in the market. At the same time it offers neat and powerful synchronization with Google. It is available with a price tag of 0.99 USD.

5. Pocket Life Calendar: Pocket life calendar is there exclusively for the freebies. This is a free application with a few limitations as well but allows the users to perform slightly more functions as compared to the iCal app

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