4 Apps For Your Smartphone That Make Finances Easier


These days, with phones getting more clever every month and smartphones proliferating throughout the world, people are using their phones for more than just making phone calls and texts.

Modern phones are truly like small computers, they let us watch TV, use the internet and access emails and even manage our finances on the go.

So if you are keen to get your money under control and mobile then here are 4 perfect finance apps that make money management easy and convenient – and best of all, they’re all free and they will fit comfortably in your pocket, so you are never without them!


Mint is a very popular online tool that is known for it’s high effective budgeting and personal finance capabilities. Home users can easily track their earnings and outgoings in multiple different currencies.

The Mint app makes all of this possible on the move – you can view all of your financial information including credit cards, statements and bills so that you always know what’s going on and how much money you have.

Mint is not just for financial planners, it is designed for regular people who want to save money and keep on top of their money. With this app their services are easier than ever to use, so give them a try and watch your savings soar.


You can call yourself financially savvy if you don’t take an interest in the financial markets; so for anyone who is interested in currency conversion rates, share prices and the financial news of the day, the Bloomberg app offers the perfect way to catch up and stay on top of the latest happenings via new feeds, graphs and quick financial histories.


Paypal has pretty much become the web standard in secure payment processing, gone are the days when you need to enter your card details into whatever website you are buying from.

Using the Paypal App you can manage multiple balances and payments in multiple different currencies. Combine this with Mint for your budgeting and Bloomberg so that you can track conversion rates and you have a powerful way to stay on top of the game.

Red Laser

Tracking your spending is one thing, but this nifty little App lets you scan barcodes of products before you can buy them so that you always know you are getting the best deal. The app will read a barcode using your phone’s camera and look up the product in order to find you the best available price nearby.


Using all of these Apps together you will be in a powerful position and in control of your finances everywhere you go.

Thanks for reading this guest post, my name is Ricky, come and check out my website for more finance and currency related tips and info.

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