27 Million Homes Have Their TVs Connected Online


In the past decade, technology has made leaps and bounds. Imagine 2002 and how limited we were to what our tech gadgets would allow us to do. Now our gadgets have evolved in ways that more closely relate to the tasks we want to accomplish, the entertainment we enjoy, and how we imagine our future to be. With that, a new study shows that 27 million homes in the US have their TVs connected to the internet in one way or the other.


The Statistics:

With the introduction of internet capable TVs, many homes have seen the possibilities of access streaming movies, websites and other online services directly from their TVs. Other homes are connecting their TVs through other devices that have internet capabilities.


When the Xbox 360 launched in 2005, gamers went online and played against other gamers around the world. Since then other services such as Netflix, HBO GO, HULU, and even Facebook allowed Xbox owners to access their services and expand what the console can do. Because of this over 80% of the 27 million homes use Xbox to connect their TVs to the internet.


With the new internet capable TVs, consumers are accessing the internet right from their televisions. 27% of the millions of users are utilizing the internet capabilities built into the TV. When the first model launched, many were skeptical of how many consumers would actually use the internet capability. It appears though that many are enjoying the instant access without the need for external devices.


Coming in 3rd and 4th are Blu-ray players and smart set-top boxes. Out of the 27 million users, 24% are using Blu-ray players to connect as 13% are using smart set-top boxes. These numbers show that given the opportunity, consumers will utilize internet ready devices to have more access to the content online and expand their options for getting things done and accessing online entertainment.


The Future:

Though it seems connecting your TVs to the internet will only allow the same content that is available for the computer, the future of internet ready devices will change. The versatility of internet ready devices in terms of entertainment and productivity will be expanded as technology and data transfer protocols increases.


Later this year, SES will be releasing the first devices that will allow any IP-based device to receive satellite programming. Internet ready TVs, game consoles, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, and laptops will all have access to satellite programming without the need for the internet. This is just a step towards what these devices are truly capable of. Soon every tool, gadget, and device we use will have the ability to access the internet.

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