Zoho Projects- Is This A Good Tool For Project Management In The Construction Industry?


Zoho Projects: Is This A Good Tool For Project Management In The Construction Industry?

What is Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is a task management program that is available for use online only. It is limited freeware, meaning it has little or no cost associated with it if you only use it for one project. It is designed to be used as a web based project management tool. Zoho Projects allows you to set up and manage the tasks and timeframes associated with a given project. You can use Zoho from the very beginning until the end of the project.

Great project management is important since it is paramount to getting projects done on time and under budget. Without discipline and adherence to time constraints, a construction project can go way over budget and way over deadline. With this software you can connect with all parties involved in the project and also foresee where there may be a snag in the future. This software is great for planning, organizing, procurement and management of labor and resources for any size project. Zoho Projects enables you to take a strategic approach when you are planning a project and is a way to guide all parties involved to a successful completion of the project.

You can have several different programs or you can use a program that incorporates all you need. This is where Zoho Projects comes into play. You need a combination of issue management and bug management in the software. It should also allow project teams to enter information separately but view it as a whole. This collaborative feature will help the project to get done a lot faster.

Zoho Projects is almost as easy to use as Facebook, its features are very similar in that you can see updates as soon as they are put in. The milestones and tasks are upfront on the dashboard and every time someone enters anything to do with the project it is visible to all members. It makes up in usability what it lacks in “flashiness”. It is a “bare bones”, no frills application that has all you will need to get the job done on time.

The final thing about Zoho Projects that makes it perfect for construction projects is its “search box” feature. You can pull up any aspect of a project without having to “log in” to the actual project. This provides a necessary avenue to check different aspects of the project singularly. The program is intuitive and that alone makes it a great find for any small construction concern. Find out more about Zoho, and how you can use it to your advantage. Before choosing a program compare the ease of use that Zoho offers as opposed to those pricey software’s. The best choice is an informed choice.

Note, Zoho Projects is free for limited use (1 project as this point in time). Additional projects will cost you money, but it is pennies on the dollars compared to many comperable big-named products (i.e. those beginning with “micro” and ending in “soft”).

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