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How Promotional Products Build Relationships
Although there is a significant focus for businesses to improve their online status, neglecting offline activity is commercial suicide. It is therefore important to build and retain a good relationship with your client´s offline as it is link building online. Your online presence relies on social media networks, attracting traffic through content management and responding to clients whereas connecting offline is more effective with promotional items.

The change in focus and instability of the modern business world requires companies to be flexible in their approach to marketing. With limited budgets marketers need to establish which advertising strategies are delivering the best return on investment (ROI). Whereas online marketing offers significant financial benefits without excessive fees, ecommerce advertising alone leaves your company vulnerable.

Monitoring your online and offline ROI
Online and offline marketing can work hand-in-hand and allows you to calculate your ROI for each. The results could have a significant bearing on how you shape your marketing strategy and what percentage of your marketing budget you put into each. This of course depends on where your website is placed online. If you are in the top ten of search engines and attracting sufficient numbers of traffic to your site you only need to pay a minimum amount of attention to your online affairs.

A start-up company that is still building their page ranking should also consider lowering their budget online in favour of an offline approach. After several months, once you have moved through the lower ranking sites, you may want to consider stepping up your online marketing strategy and investing more in paid adverts and work out your ROI.

Support online marketing with offline strategies
Content marketing and video promotions are excellent tools to help sell your products online, but because the competition is so fierce reaching your audience poses a problem for many companies. Even will highly-focused SEO content, online marketing requires customers to come to you, but offline strategies give you the power to reach out to prospects and existing customers.

Promotional products are an ideal way of capturing somebody´s attention. They also allow you to print your company name and logo on the side together with your email address. This simple, but effective branding exercise helps attracts prospects to your website.

The so-called “hybrid model” of marketing is the most cost-effective means of promoting your business and whilst offering stability and flexibility to change with the flux of the market. Promotional products allow you to keep a healthy stream of business coming in offline whilst helping to support your online presence.

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