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Why CloudOYE Is A Better Cloud Hosting Provider Than CTRLS


With cloud server hosting, the web hosting industry has undergone a huge transformation. Cloud hosting has benefitted millions of enterprises, both large and small businesses, because it has successfully cut down on investment in terms of hardware costs. It guarantees a high network uptime and excellent data processing speed which ensures that your site is able to handle sudden traffic spikes. You will come across many cloud hosting providers today but you must take into account some important criteria when choosing a cloud hosting provider.

How to choose a good cloud hosting provider:

You must first understand your own business needs before signing up with a cloud hosting service. You will not want to waste your money and time on hiring a service which may not benefit your business at all. If you find that your hosting requirements can be sufficiently handled through shared hosting plans, there is no sense in spending money on a cloud provider.

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, it is imperative to find out about the degree or technical support you will be getting from them. Your provider should ideally be able to guarantee round-the-clock technical support to ensure that your site does not face downtime.

It is also preferable to select a cloud hosting provider that offers a free trial version; this allows you to see for yourself whether their services are reliable or not.

Your cloud provider should enable you to scale your resources up and down depending on the demands. This will help you handle sudden traffic spikes during certain times of the year.

The provider must also provide a load balancing feature which will ensure that in case any server goes offline, the load is directed to the next active one so that no data gets lost.

It is a good idea to review the Service Level Agreements carefully before signing up with a cloud hosting provider. You should be aware of the compensations you will be entitled to in case the provider is unable to guarantee the promised uptime.

Finally, you must find out about the security arrangements provided by the cloud hosting service before signing up with it. Your provider needs to employ stringent security measures to ensure that data is not threatened by security breaches.

Why CloudOYE Is A Better Cloud Hosting Provider Than CTRLS

What makes CloudOYE a better cloud hosting provider?

Amongst the reputed and reliable cloud hosting providers in India, CloudOYE is one of the most trusted names and with good reasons too. When you choose CloudOYE, you can enjoy quality cloud hosting, whether public loud hosting, private cloud hosting or hybrid cloud hosting. You can create as well as deploy your server using their public cloud hosting services. This model lets you scale your resources up and down according to the demands and guarantees a network uptime of 99.9%. Private cloud hosting by CloudOYE is also secure and allows you to deploy resources whenever you require them. Their hybrid cloud hosting model is a great IT support for businesses because it integrates the public and private clouds and offers round-the-clock technical support. Sharing digital data and syncing it or sharing it across different devices is easy with CloudOYE services. You can get 24×7 responsive support from CloudOYE through live chats, emails and tool-free phone calls backed by comprehensive video tutorials. CloudOYE is a name to reckon with in the world of cloud hosting because it enjoys more than 200 clients that have highly rated this provider. It enjoys industry-best accreditations and its services have won multiple awards.

In comparison, CtrlS has constructed a high-end data center with Tier 4 specifications and has also successfully built the largest data center in Asia. These provide almost unlimited storage and power backed by great connectivity. CtrlS also offers a multi-layered management system with many choices of operating systems and instant scalability. It allows you to deploy additional servers if needed and install more applications. You can also perform upgrades and maintenance remotely and seamlessly. CloudOYE offers all this and more because their hypervisors run with Dual Intel Hexa Core Xeon processors and their OnApp architecture offers total redundancy in every level. CloudOYE allows small and medium sized enterprises to scale their infrastructures easily because their cloud hosting plans offer a high degree of flexibility and scalability to cater to fluctuating business demands. All their cloud servers have been designed taking into account the needs of modern businesses and they can help companies of different sizes to execute cloud workloads. So, CloudOYE basically allows you to flourish with their innovative hosting plans and their solutions are always a cut above the rest.

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