What Vacuum Cleaners Are The Best?


Vacuum Cleaners or Carpet Cleaners are something that we have become reliant on when it comes to cleaning house whether we have fitted carpets of Laminate flooring.

However there are so many different makes and models on the market today and no matter who you speak to about which one is the best you can guarantee one thing you will get a different answer every time.

This article will look at the best Vacuum Cleaners on the market today.

Morphy Richards “Never Loses Solution”
This bagless vacuum cleaner from Morphy Richards features never lose suction technology meaning that as the dirt canister fills up the cleaner never loses performance ensuring that your vacuum cleaning is made easier.

Due to the weight of this cleaner being kept to a minimum it is easy to carry around the home and add the fact that it has a one touch bin empty and on board storage for the accessories this just might be the hoover for you.

Sebo D2 Total
Everything you need in a good vacuum cleaner is how the makers of this cleaner.

The Sebo D2 comes with a 2100 watt motor and a triple microfilter S-Class System that provides a powerful performance.

This vacuum cleaner uses a High filtration, sealable 6 litre ultra-bag which could be expensive to replace.

Miele S7210
Miele is fast becoming the Rolls-Royce of vacuum cleaners and could possibly be the one brand name that you would hear more than once when posing the question about the best cleaner.

This manufacturer like most have a range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners and have a model for every household no matter what floor covering you have.

They also have models that are tailored to suit the needs of pet owners.

iRobot Roomba 555
As the name suggests this is a Robot vacuum cleaner that is designed to make your life easier.

The iRobot can be pre-programmed to clean the floor when you are out of the house ensuring that when you get home you do not have to get the vacuum cleaner out before you settle down for the evening.

The iRobot will recognise the difference between carpeted floors and hard floors it can also recognise if part of the floor is dirtier than other parts of the floor therefore spending more time on it.

Bosch BSGL4000GB
Bosch is a name that is more recognisable in power tools however this powerful 2000 watt motor provides a larger operating radius.

Although it only has a 4 litre capacity bag it does come with 3 swivel wheels that are soft coated to provide added protection to hard floors.

Although some believe that a vacuum cleaner is just a vacuum cleaner there are some that believe that a good one will make their life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning.

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Robert Wilson runs a cleaning business that provides both Domestic Cleaning services and Office Cleaning and knows the benefit of having good cleaning equipment for his clients.

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