What Sets The iphone5 Apart From The Competition?


It seems that everyone is anticipating the release of the new iPhone 5 and many may be wondering just what makes this phone so much better than the old iPhone. The burning question is whether it is worth it to buy this newest phone. Many seem to think it is. The five newest features on the iphone5 are bigger screen, fresh new design, LTE, camera, and maps and passbook. And perhaps the most wonderful new feature is the higher speed internet connection. Each person will have to decide on which of these features is their favorite.

The new design is special because it is thinner, lighter and made of a new material so it actually feels different in a person’s hands. The back of it is made out of aluminum so that combats those previous fingerprints and smeary streaks. Moreover, many are amazed because the new camera on this very thin phone is even better than the previous iPhones ever were. It is the iSight camera and it takes pictures more quickly and it now features a panoramic mode.

The processor on this phone is faster which makes the phone able to handle faster internet. In tandem with the LTE, it will have older iPhone users craving the internet on the new phone. In addition, with this faster internet service they have also made the screen bigger. They have made the screen taller, but not wider. The new screen is 4 inches high. The back light is more functional as well on this.

Last, but so not least, this phone ships with i0S 6 software which features a fabulous turn by turn navigation system. This has 3D renditions of buildings and areas. Passbook is another great feature included. This app lets one keep all their coupons, passes and tickets in one convenient place. This software will be available to people with older iPhones toward the end of September.

The iPhone 5 has many great new features. So many in fact that it is completely reasonable that people are lining up to own one of these. There is a new charger; however, it is new because it charges faster. Out of all the new features it is likely that most people will buy this for the availability of higher internet speeds, but who knows it could be any or all of the features that will have people clamoring to own one of these.

Eric Kuhn is an expert in todays high speed and wireless Internet connections

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