What Do Bathrooms Of The Future Have To Offer?


Technology has now established its place in almost every room in the house, very few rooms have escaped the touch of our modern world. For example LG have developed a smart appliance range for the kitchen. These appliances are capable of determining what food you have in your fridge and using a wireless signal to turn the oven to the correct temperature needed for a recipe that you have chosen.

Bedrooms are also packed with technology, and have been for some time. It is becoming common to see things such as HD screens fitted into the frames of beds that rise out at the click of a button. The point of all this being – it is becoming harder and harder to find one room in a house that isn’t full of technology.

One of the last rooms to be affected by the increased use of technology is the bathroom. This is probably due to the purpose of a bathroom being pretty basic. The two main reasons a bathroom is used is to clean or to go to the toilet. However slowly but surely technology is gaining a greater presence in the bathroom. Many designers and futurologists have discussed what the bathrooms of the future will look like at great length.

So what do the bathrooms of the future have to offer? Now is the time to find out.

It is believed that bathroom mirrors in the future will have a variety of different purposes. Mirrors are likely to have screens behind them and it is thought that a single button will control whether you want to use a mirror as a mirror or as a screen. These screens will allow you to make calls, watch videos and carry out tasks such as sending emails (your email service provider is sure to be happy about this). The suggestion has also been made that these screens will offer you advice on grooming and applying makeup, but this may just be a suggestion and may never come to fruition.

Toilets in future bathrooms are going to be a lot more computerized. Most toilets will have luxuries such as heated seats, iPod docking stations and non-slip seats. However some of the toilets functions will be both cool and practical at the same time.

There have already been toilets made that detect when someone is there and raise the seat accordingly and that flush when people have finished on the toilet. Some toilets have been designed to generate electricity when they are flushed and to minimise water usage by calculating the minimum amount that needs to be used to remove the contents of the toilet. It is pretty certain that toilets like these will be present in almost all bathrooms of the future.

Shower Screens
There has been a lot of talk about shower curtains and screens that will display things like the news when you are showering in the morning. It is well known that our lives are getting busier so screens with these capabilities may become useful when it comes to saving time. These screens are unlikely to be just limited to the news and will most probably allow you to check social media sites and read your emails, whilst using the shower.

Designers have discussed the possibility of floors in bathrooms being able to change their texture according to personal preference. Ideas such as sand and snow have been put forward. Although this feature is more of a luxury it does have a practical side as well. By changing the texture of the floor surface it will make it less slippery and therefore more safe for people using the bathroom.

It is not certain that these are all the things that bathrooms in the future will contain. They are merely suggestions based on technologies being developed at this moment in time and on ideas being discussed. Who knows what bathrooms in the future will look like? Probably no one. However what we do know is that technology is sure to play a large part.

Guest post by author Richard Orban, writing on behalf of DTW Tiles. DTW Tiles is the best source for bathroom tiles. Follow Richard’s occasional rants on twitter.

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