Web Search Based On Concept


Keywords may be the best way of searching for content but they are only fruitful if the people know what they are looking for and types in the exact keywords. But how many users actually know what they are looking for? May be one in a hundred are sure about what they are looking and what keyword will fetch them the correct answer.

The concept based search is much more effective than keyword because there are some users who are relatively new to keyword concepts and they really find it very difficult to look for their answers. The concept based web search has three modules – parser, interpreter and processor.

Concept gathered from Web Content

It is easy to type in a concept that we are looking for rather than focusing on any particular word while looking for answer. Companies are trying to figure out which will be the best way to go about the search engines. There is a lack of web search which are concept based and therefore people are encouraged more to express their interests through keywords.

Web Search Based On Concept

Going Hand in Hand

Both the concept of searches must be encouraged. In fact if they are placed in the same place simultaneously then it will fetch far better results than it is doing now. Some people are interested in searching the web with a concept that they have and is not sure the exact word which can fetch them the actual answer.

How it Works

The query gets ranked based on likelihood and the word associated with it, the search engine will get raw results which are ranked before they are sent to the users. There are sequences of terms which can interest the users. Sometimes the users try to search for the result through a full sentence with textual summaries. Microsoft is trying to figure out when to provide links and when to provide more than just links.

Time of Search Placed

If you are looking some information regarding some political issue then the search result will vary depending on the time you are placing your search. If you are carrying out search just before the polls then they will provide you with different results compared to the time when the election is over. If the election is over then there will be more news regarding the results of the election and which state has chosen which leader as their representatives.

Particular Search Result

When you are typing in a single word then it becomes quite difficult for the search engine to come up with any particular result. For example, if you type in the last name of any personality then the search result might come up with all probable names but most likely it will figure out the most famous personality with the same surname. This way it refines its own search to get you the most likely answer.

There is a debate going on regarding what would be the best option of getting a near to perfect search result whether it is the concept  based search or keyword based search.

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