Waterproof iPod Shuffle By Underwater Audio


Music has become an important part of everyone’s life. And it has gained an equal importance in the lives of those who have always been or always will be active in aquatic sports. So for this category of people, Underwater Audio has brought waterproof gadgets including the iPod shuffle. Runners and several other athletes and sports persons have reaped and gathered all the benefits of music to energize, motivate and refresh themselves forever from the days of tapes and the walkman. But unfortunately, for swimmers and aquatic sport persons, there has always been big no for music. But finally, underwater audio has brought an end to it.


About Waterproof iPod shuffle:

Designed especially for swimmers, and liked by all water lovers, Underwater Audio’s fully waterproofed iPod shuffle are completely functional, even if it is completely submerged. It looks, feels and functions completely like an iPod shuffle but it is waterproof of course.

Underwater Audio’s completely waterproofed iPod shuffle will always be with its user, from water to and everywhere else between them. It has been especially designed for those who like running in the rain, swimming and all water lovers. This music player is exactly same as a normal iPod shuffle. It is sleek, lightweight and has all the specs and features that are present in the latest version of 2GB iPod Shuffle. But it has a bonus that it is completely waterproof. The waterproofing technique used by Underwater Audio makes the iPod shuffle 100% waterproof.

Tested up to 200 ft:

Underwater Audio’s waterproofing technique completely seals all the inner parts of the iPod with a material which is watertight and impenetrable. The second layering done for waterproofing is softer cushion like. It protects all the buttons and controls. It stretches and flexes all around its moving parts and creates a waterproof seal for the internal parts. With all these waterproofing done, the waterproof iPod shuffle has an impressive IPX8 rating. This rating has been given to the product for continuous use of the iPod with completely submerging it up to 200 ft.

Specs of the Waterproof iPod shuffle:

  • Waterproof guarantee up to 200 feet.

  • Functions perfectly in fresh water, chlorinated water as well as salt water.

  • All the buttons and controls work perfectly when submerged in water.

  • Headphones can be inserted as well as removed under the water itself.

  • Completely based on the latest 2 GB Apple iPod shuffle.

  • Provides 15 hrs of battery life.

  • Can operate in temperature range of 0 degree to 35 degree Celsius (32 to 95 F).

It is clear that the waterproof iPod is very beneficial and turning out to be very popular among people. It has also been reported by some of the happy and satisfied customers that with this waterproof iPod they swim for longer duration and do not get bored. As a result of this, these customers have met their fitness goals even more easily, be it training, losing weight or any other activity. The waterproof iPod has become the best solution for music and water lovers.

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