Various Types Of Industrial Ovens


There are many different types of industrial ovens and these tools are used in many industries with various purposes. To put it really simple, the industrial oven is a heated chamber or a tunnel that is usually utilized for thermal processing needs. Activities like heating, melting, chemical processing, baking, curing or food making all require special industrial cooling and heating components. Thermal processing units like industrial ovens usually go up to around 1,300 to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and will not be used for something that requires a higher temperature.

Industrial ovens can function with the use of many different energy sources like natural gas, electricity or petroleum. In most industries the ovens that are used can even function with the use of steam but that is sometimes not possible because of various reasons. We do have many different industrial oven types that exist. We will talk about the most common ones so that you know what to expect.

  • Industrial Vacuum Ovens – heating is handled right inside a special vacuumed vessel. The main reason why this equipment is used is because harmful chemical reaction dangers are basically eliminated and contamination is not possible.
  • Industrial Bench Ovens – These ovens are utilized when there is a specific amount of material that has to be processed. They are usually quite small and fixed with the use of stands.
  • Industrial Batch Ovens – These are common in bakeries. The industrial ovens in this case are quite large and utilized for baking, drying, curing and so on. Wheeled racks and carts are included.
  • Industrial Foundry Ovens – These are really common in the jewelry industry. You can also locate some in mining or die-casting if there is a need to melt some metals. Handwheels could be included when running in some of the models present on the market.
  • Industrial Curing Ovens – The industrial ovens of this type are utilized for various material chemical interactions and power coating purposes. The functions associated are necessary in various industries and the main purpose is to generate a specific heat amount in one oven.
  • Industrial Dying Ovens – Such ovens are utilized in order to heat and treat ceramic. They are similar to kilns and can demoisturize materials for specific industry needs that might appear.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the different industrial ovens that are available on the market at the moment. There are also other that have specific operations and purposes. Industrial oven manufacturers always try to come up with user friendly and sophisticated industrial ovens that are perfect for the main reason why they are created.

By Sam Hurley
Digital Marketing Consultant at FDC

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