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The saying “time and tide waits for none” is apt when it comes to the life of a web developer. Along with the immensely huge set of skills, talents, and efforts, time management is one of the key skills essential for a person to be successful in this profession as it demands meeting numerous deadlines. That is the reason why the countless Android applications have been designed and developed for the web developers. Here are a handful of such applications which an Android device web developer can look forward to for a simpler professional life

1. SilverEdit

This is one of the quintessential Android apps for a web developer. Create, Edit, or Preview the pages you have designed even if you are offline. Make use of FTP to manage, upload, or download your files. SilverEdit offers support to almost all the web type documents that helps you to save the documents in the file type of your choice. The application also offers you the flexibility to personalize the editor that meets your requirements. Try SilverEdit 3 Lite, the free version, before trying your hands on the paid version!

2. AndFTP

Managing various FTP servers, including SFTP, FTP, FTPS, and, SCP, is now an easy task. Make use of the AndFTP application designed for Android. This app has both a FTP file browser as well as device file browser and allows you to upload or download features with support for resumption and folder synchronization. The device menu on this app allows you to create, rename, set permissions, delete, or copy folders. You can even create a list of folders and files according to your requirement as this app allows you to sort the files and folders as per date, name, and size.

3. Camera Illusion

Process the photos of your choices in the real time, edit those, apply filters on those, or enhance their visual appeal by infusing some cool effects with this camera application for Android devices. Save the original photo, make changes to its copy, and then compare both to pick the ideal one. The app offers complete German and Italian translation support as well.

4. View Web Source

As the name suggests, this web development app allows you to check and view the source of a website of your choice. The app also allows you to select a particular text and search for it. Moreover, a web developer can also copy and paste a HTML as well with this app on to the website whose source code he is currently viewing. Make use of “Share > View Web Source” from app menu to view the source of the page you have currently opened in your browser.

5. Photo Workshop

Editing a photo is now simple. Make use of this easy and powerful photo-editing app designed exclusively for web developers who use Android devices. Rotate, Crop, Stamp, Drawing Pad, Effects, Resize, Tuning, Text Overlay – these are few of the image editing tools supported by this app.

Make use of these apps and transform your Android device into a gadget ideal for power-packed performance that you can indulge in at any time or place of your convenience!

Abhishek works with a number of SEO firm. He has clients in over 20 countries and likes to keep himself updated with all the happenings in the SEO and web design world. In his spare time he likes travelling and playing tennis.

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