Top iPhone Apps To Manage Your Job Search


Finding a job that matches your skills in this present economic situation is really difficult and the entire process comes along with plenty of challenges. Therefore, if at all you want to be at the forefront of the job market you would need to keep vigil 24/7. However, as we all know this is an impossible task and can only be accomplished with a bit of help – iPhone apps for this purpose could be your savior.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top iPhone apps that help you with your job search: iPhone app

This was one of the best apps from the day it was launched and it’s still managed to retain its popularity due to the great features it possesses. Basically, it’s a free app and that’s one of the main reasons thousands have it installed on their phones. Moreover, it’s got a great geolocation detector that helps you find jobs in your locality.

All you need to do is enter a keyword and you’d find job descriptions as well as proposed salaries. It’s really useful even for employed people in search of an alternative job as their employers would never find out about it.

Job Finder

Job Finder helps you find jobs from various sites and therefore you wouldn’t need to sign up on various job hunting websites. This app makes it really easy for you to find your dream job as you have the option to enter your city of preference as well as various other preferences such as proposed salary and the kind of job you want.  This app isn’t free and costs you around 99 cents and is surely worth the cost.


Everyone’s heard of Craigslist and they’re definitely looking up job opportunities there if they’re in search of a job. But, the craigster app could make the job of finding one a whole lot easier. First and foremost it’s not a free app and costs around 99 cents. But, using it you would be able to browse your respective category and also bookmark and mail certain posts.

You could also mark locations on the maps and hence organize your search better. Therefore, if you’re a person who loves craigslist make sure to get this app installed on your iPhone.


This is another app that costs you 99 cents and it’s a great way to get thousands of job listings onto your iPhone. Organizing your job search couldn’t get any easier than this; because, you have the option to organize the jobs based on keywords, description, salary and much more.

It also possesses a geo-location tracker and hence the job listings close to your home would be higher up on the list. Moreover, if you’re in search of a job in a specific location you could always enter the specific zip code.

Similarly, there are plenty of other apps that would help you to find the perfect job based on your skills and requirements. Most of them are either free or cost you just 99 cents. But, using them you could decrease your burden.

Joel Larsson is a Recruitment consultant who works with several engineering staffing firms. He enjoys writing on a wide range of subjects and likes to travel and explore new places and cultures in his spare time.

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