Top Four Tips For Staying Safe Online


Many people spend substantial amount of their time online today, either on the social networks, transacting businesses, working or just surfing the net. The internet has made life easier but at the same time, insecure. There is a large number of malware creeping around the internet, spammers are increasingly perfecting their irritating and annoying ploys and scams are prominent. Many non suspecting people have lost lots of cash through online scams and others have had their privacy infringed. Hackers have aimed for the high and mighty in the society like the celebrities, and even governments exposing the rot behind government offices. Since everyone is vulnerable, listed below are four tips for staying safe online always.

Install an Effective Internet Security Software

Many internet users don’t realize the security risks they are exposed to until it eventually happens. A computer that is infested by viruses is insecure as some of the viruses are controlled by individuals who fish out personal information and corrupt your data and applications. To avert this risk is as simple as installing high quality antivirus software on the PC. There are so many in the market today, some are even downloadable for freea. Some of the most renowned applications are Kaspersky and Norton, with a number of many others that can easily be downloaded and installed. You should ensure that they are always up to date and scan the PC regularly.

Don’t Share Personal Information With Anyone

Many people have been coaxed into sharing personal information with strangers. Spear-phishers (people who act like those you know in real life) online approach fellows pretending to know individuals only to steal data from the person. Keep your personal information to yourself. Most people affected are those using dating sites to find lovers and relationships. Just don’t trust anyone on the internet.

Have a Strong Password

It is meaningless to use a strong password for your PC to lock out the children or spouse from using it and having weak or common ones online. If you still use passwords like “Passwor1”, you have to change. Each password must comprise of a mixture of capital letters, numbers and signs. Avoid using the same password on more than one online account. As much as it should be unique, you must be able to remember it at all times and must never be shared with anyone.

Ignore Spam Messages and URLs Like Plaque

One of the best ways to gauge your security online is by analyzing the number of spam messages you receive. You should block spam and if you happen to receive any, delete without second thought, however luring it may appear. Don’t click on any URLs in emails and neither open attachment from strange email addresses.

You have obviously come across this information before. To stay safe, ensure that you observe these top four tips for staying safe online, they are basic, but very important.

This is a guest post by Ben from Storetec Direct, a leading UK supplier of shopping trolleys and display systems.

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