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Special Forces teams are designated with the task of being called to perform difficult, extreme missions that typically present as very risky and life-threatening. Most countries have a team of Special Forces ready for duty should the need arise. While there are hundreds of Special Forces teams around the world, we present you with a list of the top 5 Special Forces on the planet and how exactly they came to be distinct among the rest. So, let us get started:

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  1. British Special Air Service ( Members of the British Special Air Service have undergone intense training and their training goes beyond 12 months. A member of the British Special Air Service needs to be between 17 and 28 years old. Only males can qualify and vision needs to be 20/20. A member of the British Special Air Service needs to be capable of swimming 500 yards or 460 metres with a breast or combat sidestroke in under 12 minutes and 30 seconds with a competitive time of under 10 minutes and 30 seconds. To qualify for the screening test, one must also be able to do least 42 push-ups in 120 seconds with a competitive count of 79 or higher. 50 sit-ups in 120 seconds with a competitive count of 79 or higher are also required. Six pull-ups from a dead hang with a competitive count of 11 or higher and being able to run 1.5 miles in boots and trousers in less than 11 minutes and 30 seconds with a competitive time of 10 minutes and 20 seconds or less. In addition to these physical requirements, members of the British SAS also undergo training by MI-5 and MI-6 for experience with espionage encounters. A tan beret is sported by the SAS and they are also familiar with Apache Indian knife techniques.
  2. Navy SEALs ( Perhaps the distinguishing factor of the Navy SEALs is their number. There are about 2,000 Navy SEALs and they are considered the most elite of all the United States’ Special Forces teams. They are trained in the same aspects as all the other Special Forces combined, but are of a higher competence and calibre. The physical training of the Navy SEALs is the same as the British Special Air Service.
  3. Shayetet 13 ( Israel is no. 3 on the list. Shayetet means ‘flotilla’ and their motto is ‘Never Again’. This is a reference to the Holocast. Israel has three Special Forces units. The specialisation of Shayetet 13 is hostage rescue and counter-terrorism. It is not difficult to see why given their proximity and relationship (or lack thereof) with their neighbours. Shayetet 13 is known for being extremely covert with their operations. They train extensively all through the year and are ready for mission at all times.
  4. The Delta Force ( The Delta Force is the counter-terrorism unit of the United States. Hostage rescues, general counter-terrorism, and counter-insurgency are their expertise. A rigorous physical exam is a requirement for entry. This test includes sit-ups, push-ups, a 3 mile run within a span of time that remains classified.
  5. U.S. Green Army Berets ( Also known as the U.S. Army Special Forces, these guys engage in unconventional warfare methods in order to get the job done. Training is an extensive process and 12 attributes are taken into consideration when assessing recruits. These attributes are intelligence, communications, physical fitness, influence, motivation, teamwork, decisiveness, trustworthiness, stability, maturity and accountability. There is a final stage of training wherein the person has to carry heavy backpacks through 40 miles of rugged terrain. This is just the beginning.

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