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It’s believed that 1 out of every 7 minors are threatened by online predators. As hard as some parents try to keep their kids safe online, there are always going to be predators that are waiting for them to lower their guard. In fact, even though parents warn their kids not to accept friend requests or chat with people that they don’t know, the research shows that about 70 percent of the time they still accept those requests, even though they don’t know the person. Safety is an ever-increasing issue that parents must face in today’s digital world!

The Problem

There have even been shows on television that have demonstrated just how many predators there are in the online world. They are seeking out youngsters, making the connection with them, and then trying to further the relationship and meet up in person. Some may send graphic pictures, engage in sexting, or try to gather more information about the child than what one should know.

The problem is that parents can’t sit down next to their kids every minute that they are on the computer. At times kids are on computers when parents are at work, sleeping, or busy in another room. Yet all parents want to keep their kids safe from these online predators. To further the problem, most parents don’t know what to do to keep their kids safe from the predators. That’s where a product like SniperSpy comes into play.

Peace of Mind

SniperSpy is a remote computer monitoring software program that parents can download onto the computer. The software will give them the ability to monitor everything that takes place on the computer. They can log into their SniperSpy account at any time in order to get detailed reports, or see the action as it is happening. The information provided lets parents see all chat information, pictures, videos, a log of every site they have been to, files and applications used, keystrokes, Facebook activity, and more.

Essentially, SniperSpy is a second pair of eyes for parents who are concerned about the safety of their child while online. While they cannot sit next to them at all times, or look over their shoulder, SniperSpy will do it for them, allowing them to access the reporting information when convenient. Parents will find that the program is easy to download and provides in-depth reports that leave no stone unturned. All the information they need in order to help protect their child from online predators, as well as bullies, is found in SniperSpy.

Additional Uses

In addition to helping parents keep their kids safe, the program has become increasingly popular for employers to use it. Many are opting for remote monitoring software in an effort to keep tabs on what their employees are doing throughout the day, and to increase productivity. Once employers download the program they can get reports on what their employees are doing through the day or monitor their screen as they are on phone calls or working on a project.

Kelly Austin is an author for technology websites and specializes in monitoring software for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyAustin86

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