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Tidy favorites

It’s sometimes frustrating when you have so many cookies in your browser, however sometimes you need to switch between browsers especially when you are doing your research on the internet and you need to compare different data. You may end up opening so many browsers trying to keep the entire URL you want near so that you won’t have problem accessing your selected URL whenever you want. If you are the kind of person who would want to jump from one browser to another then you need tidy favorites.

Tidy favorites will keep your entire favorite URL in one place and you can access them using any browser. You can opt for bookmarking your favorite’s yes you got it right but sometime the browser may have loading problems and you will have to opt for another browser. If you bookmark your favorite on every browser then you are in real problem. Save all your favorites in tidy favorites.

Tidy favorites

You don’t have to undergo all the tussle and hustle getting headaches and disappointments because one of your browsers has let you down and it hard all your favorites. Don’t be like my friend who is always moving from one browser to another you will find him using Google chrome ask him reason it’s simple for him and easy to use, when he is reading news since he has a CRT he uses Safari browser. With Tidy favorites you don’t need to worry the browser you are using. Tidy favorites is the most secure place you can the most secure place you At times you might be using another browser like Firefox and the page refuses to load you can just open another browser then select your favorite from tidy favorite.

It’s easy to use and will not take much of your time learning some basic concepts like organizing your favorites and resizing the thumbnail. You can organize your favorites in whatever manner you like using thumbnails. You can resize and organize the thumbnails by simply dragging and dropping them on the screen. Another feature is organizing your bookmarks; you can create folders and tabs to help you organize your bookmarks.

Tidy favorites is free but you always have the option of upgrading to Tidy favorite PRO, however it doesn’t come for free you will have to purchase it thought it’s not worth. Anyway  the free edition will do all the job .

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