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Things to Avoid while Creating a Web Design for your Restaurant Website


Things to Avoid while Creating a Web Design for your Restaurant Website

If you own a restaurant and need to create a successful website for it, then you should be aware of some of the search engine optimization basics that can improve your website rankings.

There are several small businesses that commit the mistake of designing their website first and then devising ways to drive traffic to it. The way you design your website can cause the spiders sent by the search engines to ignore it. While designing your website, it is necessary to avoid the pitfalls. Some of the things that you should keep in mind while working on your restaurant web design are as follows:

Avoid designing flash sites

There are websites that are designed using flash codes or HTML. Spiders that are sent by the search engines often fail to decipher flash.

Absence of dynamic pages

There are some websites that are developed along with a database that leads to the creation of dynamic pages. You can identify dynamic pages on a website, if there is a ‘?’ in the page URL. However, there are certain search engines that fail to read dynamic pages.

Creating Pages with Targeted Keywords

During restaurant website design stages, it is also necessary to keep the targeted keywords in mind. These keywords are the ones that would be picked up by the search engines and include it in your design. If you are designing a website, you certainly want a page dedicated to the popular keywords, so that it is easier for the spiders to track them.

Text within Graphics

In order to make sure that the text is read by the different browsers uniformly, web design professionals often insert text within graphics. Though it enhances the appearance of the website, a spider is unable to read it.

You need to take the help of a web design professional to ensure to create a proper website that is in tandem with SEO practices.

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