The Various Types of TV Brackets for Flat Screens


When you decide to mount your flat panel HDTV, shopping for TV brackets can be quite an experience. There are so many different types that it is easy to become confused. Each of the bracket types have a purpose, however, and all of them have pros and cons. Here is a look at the various types and what they each bring to the table:

Fixed or Low Profile TV Brackets

When it comes to TV brackets with simplicity in mind, fixed or low-profile units are the number one choice by far. With these wall mounts, you can expect to pay the lowest amount and have the easiest to install of all the choices. They go up on the wall with a simple system and they usually can be had for under $100. The downside for these television brackets is that they are not capable of moving at all. There is no tilting, turning or moving of these wall brackets. Your TV has to be viewed straight on. They also are a major pain in the tail if you are wanting to switch out your cables.

Tilting TV Brackets

Tilt brackets are becoming a thing of the past because a full motion bracket makes more sense for about the same price. Full motion gives you movement in every direction. Tilt only gives you up and down movement. This comes in handy if you are hanging your television up high on the wall. Otherwise, you might as well look at the next option for the money.

All Direction or Full Motion TV Brackets

By far, full motion television brackets are the perfect choice for most people. This type of bracket allows you complete range of motion so that you can get the perfect viewing angle no matter where you are sitting in your room. This flexibility is also very handy when you are changing out cords and so on and need to get behind your television. The only disadvantage of these full motion brackets are cost. They can be very expensive and they also can be a bear to install. It really just depends on the size of your television.

TV brackets are not rocket science and you can pick them out with ease if you understand the options well enough. Decide if you are wanting a television that is mounted high or low and whether you want it movable in any direction. It is important to realize that having movement is something you may not realize until you are without it. Being able to tilt it is very handy when you are entertaining or needing to make repairs. Consider this when you see the extra money you might have to pay. In the end, it is usually well worth the cost. Most people end up going with the full motion brackets in the end.

This article was a guest post provided by Jon Dunn of i-Fluid Media on behalf of Intec Brackets. Intec Brackets are the UK’s leading supplier of TV brackets and TV accessories.Their Swivel & Tilt TV Brackets are very popular and versatile accessory that you get buy for your Luxury TV.

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